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In this report, it displays all your rewards cards numbers, the current points, and any linked customers to the rewards card.

You also have the ability to modify the current points for a rewards card.

NOTE: This is only for Revel's internal rewards card. If you use a third party such as Loyal Tree or Index, please check their respective site.


Modifying Current Points

Anytime, you can manually adjust a rewards card’s current point. All you need to do is click the box of the rewards card you want to change, erase the current point, and enter the new amount.


Filters & Options

  • Current Points > 0: This will hide all rewards cards with current point of 0.
  • Number: Search up specific rewards cards numbers.
  • Date Range: Search up all rewards cards based on the date they were last used. Selecting “All” will display all the rewards cards in your system.

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