This report displays your labor cost that compares the amounts of sales done per hour vs the average hourly rate you are paying your employees. It can provide you insight as to when profits are maximized.

If a row is highlighted red, the actual hours worked are higher than the projected hours.


Key Terms

  • Projected Hours: These hours are based on what was inputted for Shift Schedule.
  • Actual Hours: Hours clocked in by employees, so hours actually worked.
  • # Transactions: The number of orders taken.
  • Wage: The total wage paid out for that hour.
  • Sales: Gross sales sold in that hour. (no tax or discounts included)
  • Sales per Man Hour: Gross sales divided by Actual Hours.
  • Projected Labor Cost: Gross sales divided by Projected Hours.
  • Actual Labor Cost: Gross sales divided by Actual Hours. If labor cost is low, there are more revenue coming in. If labor cost is over 100%, it means labor is costing more than revenue.


Filters & Options

  • Open: Includes “open” orders into the sales column. An open order defines as an order that has not been closed on the POS station.
  • Unpaid: Includes “unpaid” orders into the sales column. An unpaid order defines as an order that has not taken complete form of payment.
  • Irregular: Includes “irregular” orders into the sales column. An irregular order defines as an order in the reporting period may be duplicated in other reporting periods. A common cause of this is when an order open one day and closes another day thus causing data to be split amongst two days.
  • Web Orders Only: Displays the sale columns with only sales made via web orders.
  • Taxes: Includes all taxes collected into the sales column.
  • Discounts: Includes all discounts into the sales column.
  • Service Fees: Includes all the service fee collected in the order into the sales column.
  • Donations: Includes donations into the sales column.
  • Groups: Displays the report in day part groups as oppose to each hour.

Labor report displayed by Groups          

Groups can be set up under Settings -> Reports. Input the name and start time in the windows provided and that will separate your day into separate groups.

  • Decimal: Displays the hours either in hour or HH:MM format (3.5 or 03:30).
  • All Roles: Filter the report based on roles for employees.
  • Date Range: Choose a date or date range you wish to display the information. If you choose more than one day, it adds on top of it of the data.

 *Note: This report does not track the Labor cost of employees or roles who are not attached to sales.


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