Labor Report

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The labor report shows your labor cost compared to the amount of sales done per hour vs. the average hourly rate you're paying your employees. It provides insight as to when profits are maximized.

If a row is highlighted in red, the actual hours worked are higher than the projected hours.

The various components of the Labor report are:

  1. Filters button: Click this to choose roles/ departments, time format, and inclusions settings:

  2. ... Icon: Click this to export your report in various formats:

  3. Daily View Drop-Down: Use this drop-down menu to view your report by daily hours or in a grouped view:

    Note: Grouped View will only work if you set this up in your account Settings. Find the Reports section; here you can enter up to five custom ranges. Give each period a name and input the start time. The start time for each section will last from that time until the start time of the next section. Be sure to save changes when finished:Settings_reports.jpg 
  4. Avg. Actual Hourly Rate: Average wage paid for actual hours worked.
  5. Projected Hours: The hours scheduled through the Shift Schedule tab.
  6. Actual Hours: The actual hours worked by employees. Based on clock ins/ clock outs.
  7. # Transactions: The number of orders taken on the point of sale.
  8. Wage: The total wage paid out for that hour.
  9. Sales: Gross sales sold in that hour (tax and discounts not included).
  10. Sales Per Man Hour: Gross sales divided by actual hours.
  11. Qty. Sold: Amount of items sold.
  12. Qty. Per Man Hour: Amount of items sold divided by actual hours.
  13. Projected Labor Cost: Gross sales divided by projected hours::

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