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The Tax Report breaks down all the tax collected from your establishment. If you have multiple tax rates, it will separate them and show you how they were applied. To learn how to set up your taxes, please click here.


Tax Report Tour

The various components of the tax report are:

  1. Tax Name Column: Displays the names of your tax rates.
  2. Tax Rate: Displays the rates set for your taxes.
  3. Total Sales: Displays the total sales before discounts.
  4. Taxed Item Discounts: Displays all item discounts applied that have been marked as taxable.
  5. Taxed Order Discounts: Displays all order discounts applied that have been marked as taxable.
  6. Total Sales With Discounts: Displays total sales after discounts.
  7. Tax: Displays total tax applied.
  8. Sub Total: Displays total tax applied before surcharges.
  9. Total Surcharges: Displays total surcharges applied.
  10. Sum Total Taxes: Displays total taxes + total surcharges.

Tax Report Filters

In the top right corner of the header, there are several filters you can use to populate various views of your report. The filters are:

  1. Breakdown Filter: The breakdown filter provides various groupings for your report view. You can select:
    • No Breakdown
    • By Zipcode
    • By State
    • By Country
  2. Open: Check this box if you want to include open orders in your report.
  3. Unpaid: Check this box if you want to include unpaid orders in your report.
  4. Irregular: Check this box if you want to include irregular orders in your report.
  5. Time Range: Use this drop-down to select your desired date range:

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