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The Gift Transaction report displays all gift card transactions, adjustments, and refunds. The report also displays all created gift card numbers and manual adjusts.

This only reports Revel's own gift cards, it does not display gift card transactions for Mercury, PayTronix, and other gift card vendors with whom Revel integrates.

Viewing the Gift Card Transaction Report

  1. Tap the Report
  2. Tap the Other Report tab to view a drop-down menu of available reports.
  3. Select Gift Transactions from the drop-down menu to open the Ingredient
    Inventory Summary.


Filters & Options

There are three main views you can have the gift card transactions page.

  • By Action: This view is by default. It splits all the gift card information broken down by action. There are three main sections: Creation, Adjustment, and Payment.
  • By Card #: Displays the data organized by the gift card number. The red “x” under automated means it was done manually either via the gift card management on the iPad, or in the Revel Management Console.
  • View Full Log: Displays the entire log of all the gift card transactions without it organized.


Within each of the three views, there are certain options you can select to filter them.

  • Open: Includes “open” gift card transactions summary. An open order defines as an order that has not been closed on the POS station.
  • Unpaid: Includes “unpaid” gift card transactions. An unpaid order defines as an order that has not taken complete form of payment.
  • Irregular: Includes “irregular” gift card transactions into the report. An irregular order defines as an order in the reporting period may be duplicated in other reporting periods. A common cause of this is when an order open one day and closes another day thus causing data to be split amongst two days.
  • Search Field: Search up either the gift card number or the customer name.
  • Date Range: Choose a date or date range you wish to view the gift card transactions by.

Key Terms

Payment: Gift card balance was used for a payment.

Refund: Refunded amount back to the gift card balance.

Created: Gift card was created either via automated or manual creation on the iPad.

--Automated: card was created via the gift card flow of purchasing the product then loading the card.

--Manual: card was created via the Settings>Gift Card button.

Amount Adjust: card was managed via the Settings>Gift Card button.

Gift As Product: Gift card balance was purchased and added onto existing card.


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