Can I Use Delivery On A Retail Establishment?

By RS Radojevic Vlastimir | Updated


Revel’s automatic order option for retail customers is To Go. Revel does, however allow you to use Delivery and other order options for retail items/orders as desired.


Setup on Management Console

  1. In your Revel Management Console ([yoursubdomain], click Settings.
  2. Search for Order and Item Print Option.
  3. Enable that setting and Save:


Using Delivery on Revel Point of Sale

  1. On the order screen, select Order Options:Screen_Shot_2018-06-04_at_11.16.19_AM.png
  2. Select Delivery:Screen_Shot_2018-06-04_at_11.16.31_AM.png
  3. The Delivery option will be added to this order.

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