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How to assign products to kitchen printers/display unit (KDS)

By Bane


Log into the Management Console and click on 'Products'. Select one product to go to KDS unit and then click on the pencil icon. This will bring up product settings. On the left part of the screen check 'Display/Print Options' and then switch to the right side of the screen and find the 'Printers' field. Click on the field to add kitchen printers and KDS units. Add desired unit and confirm the change.

Go back to 'Products' page and on the left side of the screen go to 'Import / Export' and select 'Products'. Make sure 'Advanced' radio button is selected. Click on 'Additional fields' and select 'Printers'. Click on 'Export' button; this will download the product's database to the computer. Within the 'Printers' column, notice that the product just changed has that cell populated with KDS name . Just copy/paste the cell to the corresponding cells of the items that need to be sent to KDS unit. Save the database and import it back to the system by choosing the file from the location that it was saved to on the computer, and clicking on 'Import' button.

Logout from the POS stations and refresh them so they can download the new configuration.

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