Coupons in Revel are static discounts added onto the order. While similar to the actual discount function, it’s a little different as they are rung up like products. Since because the coupons are products, they can be also scanned via a barcode scanner.

Coupons are reported just like discounts and appear as a separate row in the Sales Summary.


How to Create a Coupon

The coupon functionality is by default, disabled. Please contact Revel Support to enable this feature, as it is a Staff Online setting.

Once the feature is enabled, a new Category, Sub-Category, Product, and Product Class are automatically created for the establishment.

  1. Log into the Revel Management Console.
  2. Navigate to Products icon -> Products tab.
  3. Expand the newly created “Coupon” section.
  4. Select “+ Add Product” to create a new coupon.
  5. Type in the name, leave the price “0” for now.
  6. Enter to the product’s detail by selecting the pencil icon.
  7. Assign the product’s class to “Coupon”. This is a special product class, which classifies this product as a coupon as oppose an actual product. This class is automatically created as well.
  8. For the price field, input the negative amount of the coupon value. For example, for a $5 off coupon, the value will be -5.
  9. Optional: Add the barcode of the coupon.
  10. Hit “Save” at the top right to complete.

When this coupon is rung up onto the order, it will subtract $5 from the total. Note, coupons do not remove tax.


How to Use Coupon

Coupons are rung up as products on the iPad. If there is a bar code associated with the coupon, select “Enter Barcode”.



The coupon will display as a discount under the Sales Summary.

It will also report under the “Discount & Voids/Returns” report.

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