Reconfiguration of R212/PTS401 Serial Servers

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How to Enter Configuration Setup

Configure COM Port Parameters

Factory Restore



This guide goes over how to re-configure the serial server boxes. Certain hardware peripherals plug into the serial server box, and the serial server plugs into the router to communicate wirelessly with the iPad. Depending on the peripheral, there are different setting combinations for it to work properly with the hardware and the Revel application.

There are two models of the serial server box as indicated in the photo below. While very similar in settings, they have different UIs. In some instances, there are different configurations for the same peripheral.

Please contact Revel Support for assistance. Reconfiguration should only happen if a Revel Support member deems necessary.

Left: R212 Serial Server

Right: PTS401 Serial Server (may be renamed as R212 but same case)


How to Enter Configuration Setup

In order to access the configuration page, it requires the iPad or laptop to be on the same Rev network to which the serial servers are plugged into. A sticker indicating the IP address of the serial server box should be attached to the serial server itself.

For example in the photo above, the IP address of the serial server is:

In the following photos, the R212 page will be displayed on the left and the PTS401 will be displayed on the right.

  1. Enter in the IP address of the serial server into any web browser.
  2. For the R212, enter the user name: admin and no password. For the PTS401, the user name and password are admin.


Network Configuration

If the IP address of the device needs to be changed for whatever reason, it can be done via the networking/miscellaneous settings page. Only perform this step if required.


  1. Once in the configuration page. Select “Networking” or “Miscellaneous settings” on the left.
  2. For R212, make sure DHCP is unchecked. For PTS401, make sure “Address Type” is set to “Static IP”.
  3. For the IP Address field, change it to the desired IP address.
  4. Once finished, hit “Save Configuration” or “Update Settings”.
  5. The box will reset itself to the new IP address. It will require input of that new IP address in the address bar to be able to continue making configuration changes to the box.



Configure COM Port Parameters

This section will cover the port parameter page. This is where specific settings must be adjusted in order to work with specific hardware. If there is a hardware swap, these settings may need to be adjusted to match the new hardware.

  1. Select “COM1” or “Port0 settings” on the configuration page.
  2. Adjust the necessary settings for baud rate, parity, data bits, stop bits, flow control, etc.
  3. Hit “Save” or “Submit” at the bottom of the page
  4. It may require a power cycle of the device after the configuration page



Factory Restore

If all attempts to access the R212/PTS401 fail, it may need to be factory restored. This will reset the R212/PTS401 back to a default IP address of Make sure to do this only one at a time as conflicting IPs (two device with same IP address) will make the serial server box inaccessible.

Please contact Support for assistance.

  1. Reset the R212 by pressing and holding the reset button down next to the Ethernet port. Wait until a single beep followed by a series of beeps to go off. The PTS401 box will not beep however but hold for at least 20 seconds. The box will reset to default settings of
  2. Open up web browser on computer and input in the address bar.
  3. If properly reset, the configuration page will appear.
  4. Follow the steps in “Network Configuration” above to change IP address to the necessary address.
  5. Follow the steps in “Configure COM port parameters” to configure to the proper settings



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