In this report, located under Report -> Other Report -> Product Inventory Log, it displays a log of any changes made to your product inventory. This includes all changes made via the import sheet or manual adjustment. This can give you powerful insight to help keep track of any inventory changes you or employees made. By default, inventory can only be modified in the Revel Management Console.

Filters & Options

There are filters and options to help display specific data. This can be useful especially when there can easily be hundreds of changes made to inventory and you want to see only specifics.

  • Product Class: Filters the logs to only display certain product classes. Click here for more information on product class.
  • Action Type: Filters the log based on the “action” taken. For example, you can only view all the logs for “adjustment”.
  • Date Range: Select one of the dates you wish to view.
  • Search field: Search for a specific product by name, SKU, or BIN.
  • Hide Used: Hides all sales subtraction.
  • Display Hidden Inventory: Displays products that are set to not be tracked in inventory
  • Show Details: Displays additional columns to the logs such as, befores and afters for cost and QTY.


Key Terms

  • Inventory: In Revel Management Console, there is an Inventory tab that displays your inventory along with ability to make changes.
  • Action – Adjustment: Setting the “Actual” amount of inventory.
  • Action – Received: Adding additional inventory for a product.
  • Action – Wastage: Removing inventory for a product due to waste.
  • Action – Reset: Removes all historical data for inventory for a specific product.
  • Action – Used: This is a term used when a sale is made for a product.
  • Action – Return: When a product is voided on the iPad, you have an option to return it back to the inventory. This is useful for retail items if you return the item back to stock.

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