Modifiers: Advanced Features

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Additional Modifier Features

Modifier Price Override

Special Request

Adding a Quantity to Modifier

Disable Modifier Popup

Do Not Display Default Modifiers on Order Screen

Enable Modifier Discounts

Include Modifier Options: No, Side, Only, Lite

Modifier Substitutions

Split Button for Modifier

Validate Modifier Selection on Submit


These are additional advanced settings for modifiers. To learn how to create and associate modifiers, please click here

Modifier Price Override

Clients who have products that have different pricing for sizes, there is a way for modifier price to override the price of the product instead of price addition. For example, if you have a base product of a small cup of coffee for $2.00 and the medium size for $2.50, instead of the modifier costing $0.50, you can set the modifier price itself to be $2.50. This $2.50 will override the base product price of $2.00.

To set this up, you need to use the special modifier class that is created default called “Size”. This modifier class has special properties over the other ones that modifiers created here will override the product’s price.

  1. Create the “sizes” modifiers within the Size modifier class in the modifier tab. Don’t need to create the price for these sizes yet because every item can have it’s own custom price. For example a small mocha has a different price than a small coffee.

  2. Navigate to your product list and find the product you wish to have these modifiers. Then select the M to enter the modifier screen.
  3. Make sure to select the Size modifier class in the window to the left. Then enter the Override Price for each size. Make sure to have each active box checked off as well.

  4. When completed, click Save. The price you enter in the override price window will override the price of the product. 
  5. Repeat step 1-4 for your other products.  You will be required to enter in a new override price as each product has their individual override price. For example a small mocha cost $3.50 and medium cost $4.25.

Special Request Modifiers

Special request allows servers to input specific special requests onto an item such as "cut in half" or "peanut allergy" or anything the customer may want but not programmed into the application.

The "Special" modifier class allows clients to create a pre-set list of special requests that can be selected without the need to type it in. This can be useful for special requests that are normally requested by customers.

Create the modifiers under the "Special" modifier class under Products -> Modifiers. They should not have a price associated with them. Hit the Save icon at the top once complete. 

After the special request modifiers have been created, assign them to the desired products. 



Adding a Quantity to Modifier


Adding a quantity to modifier enables you to select the same modifier for one item. For example, if your customer orders a salad, you can then select how many packets of dressing they would like. To enable this functionality, log into the backend and go to Settings > Settings (Advanced) > Advanced POS Settings. In the search for settings box, enter Add Quantity to Modifier. Then enable the setting by checking the box. 


This box will populate a plus and minus sign on the top right and left corners of modifier buttons, respectively, on the modifier screen of the POS.


Modifier Quantity on the POS

Disable Modifier Popup

Enabling this setting will disable the modifier popup when selecting the product. This is done within the specific product's properties. If you need to open the modifier window, you will need to ring the item in first, then select the product on the left to manually bring up the modifier window.

Do Not Display Default Modifiers on Order Screen

If you have selected a modifier to be a “default” modifier, meaning that those modifiers are always automatically selected, enabling this option will not display the default modifier onto the order screen. For example, you don’t need to tell the server on the screen that the cheeseburger has the “cheese” modifier on as it comes default.

To see where you select default modifiers, please click here.

Enable Modifier Discounts

Located under Settings -> Advanced POS Settings

The Enable Modifier Discounts feature allows clients to be able to issue discounts at the modifier-level as opposed to the product. A good example would be a smoothie shop that has a promotion for free boosts for their smoothie drinks that would otherwise come at an additional charge.


Include Modifier Options: No, Side, Only, Lite

Located under Settings -> Advanced POS Settings

Even if a product already contains a modifier, that modifier sometimes needs to be adjusted with its own “modifier” as well. A good example would be salads and salad dressings, where the kitchen needs information as to how the salad is dressed, whether it is lite, on the side, or no dressing at all.

To avoid having to make multiple modifier classes for each modifier (eg. a “No” class, “Sub” class, “Side” class, etc.), Revel has implemented additional modifier options to reduce the amount of setup required for these modifiers. Those additional options are:

No – Informs the kitchen not to include the modifier in the product. If the modifier includes an upcharge, the system will remove that upcharge from the modifier.

Side – Informs the kitchen not to include the modifier in the product, usually condiments or dressings.

Only – Informs the kitchen that the customer ONLY wants a particular modifier(s).

Lite – Informs the kitchen to only place a small amount of the modifier on the product. Usually condiments.


Modifier Options on the POS: Lite

To attach the modifier option to the modifier itself, first tap on the modifier option, and then on the modifier you would like to attach that option to. In the above example, the employee taps on Lite, and then selects Blue Cheese, which in turn outlines the Blue Cheese modifier button in green (No outlines the button in red, Side in dark yellow, Only in purple, and Lite in green).


Once the necessary updates have been made, tap Update, and the modifier will appear under the product (and on kitchen receipts) as LITE Blue Cheese, as in the example above.


To enable this setting, go to the backend, and click on Settings > Settings (Advanced) > Advanced POS Options, and check the box for Include Modifier Options.


Once the box is checked, scroll down and click Save. Make sure to refresh your POS stations for the change to take effect.


Modifier Substitutions

The Modifier Substitution functionality enables clients to claim what modifiers can be substituted for others. For example, clients might want to give their employees the ability to substitute a chocolate modifier for vanilla, but not the ability to substitute blueberries for bananas, since blueberries are expensive and bananas are cheap.

Modifier Substitutions: Pizza


To activate the ability to assign substitutions to modifiers, log into your management console and go to Settings > Settings (Advanced) > Advanced POS Settings, and check the box for Modifier Substitutions.

Once the box has been checked, make sure to scroll down and click Save.

To setup modifier substitutions, go to the Products tab and click on Modifiers. Then, click on the modifier class that you would like to work with. In this example, we will use a Pizza restaurant. In this restaurant, a client can order a pizza with default toppings where proteins (sausage, ham, pepperoni) can be substituted for anything, and the vegetable toppings (onion, olives, peppers) can only be substituted for other vegetables.

On the modifier class that you would like to affect, click on the pencil tab to the right-hand side of the modifier that you would like to substitute for other modifiers.



In the Modifier details screen, scroll down and check the box for Substitute Modifiers. Once checked, it will populate an additional field for which substitutions should be allowed for this particular modifier.


Modifier Substitution Options: Breakfast Bacon


In the example above, we clicked into the modifier details for Breakfast Bacon, and input all applicable modifiers that are allowed to be substituted for Breakfast Bacon, a protein. Those modifiers include all proteins like chicken, pepperoni, spicy sausage, etc., in addition to all vegetable modifiers like onions, olives, and peppers. If the modifier in question were a vegetable, say, Onions, then in the substitutions field we would include only vegetable modifiers like tomato, jalapeño, peppers, etc. Note: the No Modifier option will allow you to remove the modifier as an option without having to choose a substitution.

Scroll down and click Save.

Once the settings have been saved, click on the Products link to the left to begin associating modifiers with the products (to see how to associate Modifiers, please go to the Modifiers page). When associating the modifiers with products, click DFLT and SUB (default and substitutions, respectively) for those modifiers that have substitutions enabled.


Once the modifiers have been selected as Default, click Confirm. Make sure to refresh your POS for these settings to take effect.

Be reminded that:

  • For a modifier to have substitution enabled for a particular product, it HAS to be set as Default. Then and only then can you check the box for Sub, which will enable the substitution functionality for that modifier.
  • If the default modifier already comes at an additional charge, that charge will still remain on the order regardless if the substitution is at a lower or zero cost. This is because the product price includes the charge for the modifier.



Split Button for Modifier

Meant primarily for pizza restaurants. Split Buttons are meant to add additional buttons on the bottom of the modifier screen to enable employees to choose which modifiers go on which half of the pizza.


In order to turn this setting on, log into the backend, and go to Settings > Settings (Advanced) > Advanced POS Settings, and check the box for Split Button for Modifier.

Once checked, scroll down and click Save. Make sure to refresh your POS stations for the setting to take effect.

Once enabled, the First Half and Second Half buttons will appear on the bottom of the modifiers screen once you tap a product that has modifiers associated with it.

Finally, go into the Products->Modifiers and edit the modifier class to enable "Allow split modifiers" setting:


Validate Modifier Selection on Submit

If minimum and maximum modifiers are enabled for a product, the system will not allow you to switch from one modifier screen to the next. Instead, a popup window with the message “Select at least 1 modifier(s) please” will appear without first selecting a modifier in the order that modifiers have been configured.

Check this if you wish to validate that ALL required modifiers have been selected on Add or Submit. This means if you have multiple classes with required modifiers, you can technically still add the product after selecting the required modifiers within one modifier class.

Otherwise, the POS will validate modifier selections class by class. Checking this will also disable auto-jumping from one modifier class to another.




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