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Revenue centers are used in reporting to differentiate total income for your business. For example, if your restaurant has a bar, a dining, and a retail area, you can create three separate Revenue Centers to analyze the profits. 

Creating Revenue Centers

Before using revenue centers to view reports, you must enable and created it in settings.

  1. In the Management Console, select the Settings tab.
  2. Under the search for settings box, enter Revenue Center. Check the box for Revenue Centers and Show Revenue Centers in Reports.

  3. On the right, check the box for Show Revenue Centers in Reports.
  4. Then click, Add a New Revenue Center. Enter the Name and the desired Point of Sale terminal.  Click Save when completed.


***Please note, you can only assign one Point of Sale terminal to one Revenue Center. ****

Using Revenue Centers

After making transactions on the different terminals, you can filter your report by Revenue Centers. 

    1. Select the Reports tab. 
    2. Under the Filters option, you can choose which Revenue Center you would like view your reporting by. 




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