Private Network vs Revel Network

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Majority of Revel clients run on Revel’s pre-configured hardware including iPad, peripherals, and most importantly, network. Since iPads communicate wirelessly, having a strong network is vital to having a fully functional POS.

Revel Network

By using Revel’s pre-configured networking hardware, Revel offers clients the security and peace of mind of having a 24/7 support team which is able to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot clients’ networking issues. Revel can manage clients’ Wi-Fi, ensuring maximum signal strength and that no outside devices attempt to connect. Additionally, all Revel equipment is pre-configured, optimized and tailored to work on Revel’s network.

Revel Can:

  • Remotely adjust network settings
  • Configure peripherals and iPad settings
  • Firmware upgrades to access points
  • Monitor Wi-Fi strength between iPads


Private Network

By opting out of Revel's pre-configured hardware, it may become increasingly difficult for the support team to help diagnose and troubleshoot your network without the important information otherwise provided to us with Revel's network.

Revel Support team will still troubleshoot all software and hardware related issues but if the network is deemed to be the cause of the issue, they may not be able to assist further.

Revel Cannot:

  • Adjust necessary settings on routers/access points
  • Troubleshoot network connectivity issues
  • Monitor traffic on the network
  • Identify cause of issue


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