Troubleshooting Customer Facing Displays

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Before troubleshooting please check to see if the iPad POS Platform version and the Customer Facing Display version are compatible. To check the version of the iPad POS Platform and the Customer Facing Display click here. To check the compatibility matrix click here.

If it is not compatible, please contact Support for help to upgrade the software. 

Is the iPad Customer Display connected to the Revel Wi­Fi Network?

To check, go to the iPad's Settings and select Wi-Fi.The network name should be rev followed by the Revel URL of the business (e.g. revpizzashack).

*Older clients might need to connect to a network called revx. If the iPad(s) are not connected to the correct network, click here for information on how to re-connect.


Is the iPad set to Static IP address?

To check or to set the proper IP address click here.

Is the iPad Static IP address the same as the IP address on Management Console?

To check if the IP addresses are the same please contact Revel Support at 415-744-1433 Ext. 2 or by email at

Please provide the IP addresses of each device for troubleshooting purposes. If you are operating the Revel System on a private network please contact your network administrator for troubleshooting.




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