What is the Difference Between Logging In and Clock In?

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On the Point of Sale, you can use the application to log in or clock in your employees. Logging In gives you the ability to process transactions and use the point of sale, where as Clocking In simply starts a time clock of when your employee started their shift


Logging In

On the Point of Sale screen, enter your PIN. Then tap Login. Once again, logging in will give you access to start using the Point of Sale.

Clocking In

Starting from the Point of Sale login screen.  Enter your PIN, then tap Clock In.


The POS will then ask you to confirm clocking in.

Remember, just because an employee logs in, doesn’t mean their hours worked are being tracked. To verify which employees are clocked in, tap View Timecards. Here you will be able to view exactly when an employee clocked in or clocked out. If an employee forgot to clock in or clock out, you can adjust their time worked on the schedules tab of the management console.

Timeclock and Time cards

If you are already logged in to the Point of Sale, your employee can also clock in using the Timeclock button.

By clicking View Timecards, you can easily see which employees are clocked in or clocked out.

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