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Advanced POS Settings


What is auto logout on done?

Non-managers will automatically be logged out of the POS after tapping Done on an order, requiring a user to log in again to create a new order. This is useful for tracking employee’s sales for accountability purposes or for security purposes.


What is admin swipe login?

Allows specific users to login by swiping an admin card as oppose to entering the four-digit pin. To purchase these cards please contact your sales representative.


What is auto done?

If enabled, the order will automatically close when payments equal sales. This is especially useful for QSR establishments that have high volume as it eliminates a click on the iPad to get to a new order.


What is barcode standard?

Retailers scanning barcodes will need to set up the system to read barcodes. The system is programmed to understand 3 barcode standards. Select from the list the barcode standard that applies to your business so items can scan properly.

UPC-A ---This the most common barcode for retail items in the USA and Canada. This is a fixed length, numeric only symbol that must contain 12 digits.

EAN-13-- This is a fixed length, numeric only symbol that is similar to UPC-A but encodes 13 characters instead of 12. The first digit indicates the country code for the product.

Code128-- This is a variable length and is an alphanumeric symbol capable of encoding digits 0-9, upper and lower case letters A-Z.

For more information on barcodes go to


What is “do not allow modification of old closed orders”?

Greatly limits the actions that were taken on previous days’ orders. Voids, refunds, and reprints are allowed, but not most other actions. 


What is prompt for order option?

When enabled, the user will be prompted to select a dining option upon opening an order. This may be adjusted to prompt for dining option upon pressing pay.


What is photo clockin?

This setting forces employees to take their picture as a part of the clock in process. A manager/owner must allow the POS to store photos on the iPad’s photo library in addition to enabling this setting. To do so, go to Settings (Gear Icon)->Manager->POS Settings->Clock In/Clock out options.


What is the difference between Clocking In and Logging In?

When you clock in the POS is documenting when a user is starting their shift for work. Clocking in is how you keep a record of your work hours. By logging in is simply being able to have access to the system. It is not necessary to clock in to log in unless the system is set to force this.


What is Declare Tips?

Enables the declare tips feature which prompts staff to input their tips upon clocking out and then reports those values on Payroll.


What is “Employees See Only Their Own Open Orders”?

When enabled, non-managers will see only their own orders under Orders/Held Orders. This is useful for table service clients looking to streamline the order search process for their servers or limit employees to modify or change other employee’s orders.


What is “Managers as well as employees will be subjected to auto logout behavior”?

By default managers are not subjected to auto logout behavior, specifically the Autologout after X Seconds of Inactivity setting. Enabling Managers Subjected to Autologout Behavior results in the system logging out Managers the same as Employees. Role Permissions can override this.


What is Group Duplicate Items?

If this is enabled, identical items will be automatically grouped together in a quantity on the POS and receipts. Please contact Revel Support to enable this setting. See screenshots below for an example:

Not Grouped

Grouped Duplicate Products


What is a surcharge name?

This label will be used on receipts to identify the surcharge.


What is surcharge percentage?

The surcharge is a tax that is applied to all items regardless of other tax status. It is in addition to the prevailing or item tax. The surcharge itself is taxed.

Pricing decimal places for weighted products?

If selling products by weight, it can now configure pricing up to four positions past the decimal point. Default is 2, available to set to 2, 3, and 4.

What is auto capture customer information for delivery?

If this setting is enabled, when Delivery is selected as a dining option the user will be prompted to attach a customer to the order.


What is the order detail screen?

Here you can edit the various options available for an order: adding discounts, removing fees, dining options, attaching a customer to an order, etc. This screen consolidates those various activities into one place, however, there are separate buttons/screens that allow you to perform the same actions outside of the Order Detail screen.


How do I get to the order detail screen?

Click on the top of the order where it says, “Order #”


What is order sorting?

Determines how orders are grouped on the POS. The first two options (Newest Items at Top, New Items on Bottom) are for everyone. You can select if new items should be added to the the top or bottom of an order. Order by course or seat is only for table service and arranges items on the by course/seat in ascending order.


What is enable prices overrides?

Allows users to change the price of an item on the POS. The change can be for one time, one day, or permanent. Always requires a manager’s password. For more information on price overrides, click here.


What is enable set quantity?

Adds set quantity button to the item detail screen. Use this button when ordering large quantities of a product instead of manually clicking the product to increase the product quantity.


What is the item detail screen?

The item details screen is where various different options/actions can be applied to a particular item. The screen can be accessed by tapping on an item name once it is on the order.


What is the difference between Split and Share?

Split is to split the cost of an item with another person, it does not split the entire bill. Share is to alert the kitchen that an item is going to be shared by two or more people.


What is close held orders automatically?

If enabled, the POS will attempt to close all held orders at a designated time. The job will only close orders that have a remaining balance due of $0 or are completely blank. Orders with payments that do not match the sales will remain held.


What is a held order?

This is an order that is not complete whether by payment or items, and therefore is being held for later use. You can access your held orders by clicking the Orders tab at the top.


What is add quantity to modifier?

Adds (+)(-) icons to modifiers on the POS, allowing the user to increase/decrease modifier quantities.


What is split button for modifier?  

Adds First Half and Second Half buttons to product modifiers classes on the POS. Useful for pizzas.


What is catering delivery-tracking option?

Turns on access to Catering tracking and reporting on the POS and backend.


What is delivery driver tracker?

Turns on the delivery driver tracking and reporting on the POS and backend.


What is print transactions on employee sale summary?

If enabled, the POS sales summary reports may include transactions list. If not, the reports will be summary data only. Individual transaction info will include the order number, last 4 digits of Credit Card (if applicable), total amount paid and tips.


What is override prevailing tax for order?

Allows a manager to set a new prevailing tax rate to a specific order.


What is override prevailing tax for POS station?

Allows a manager to set a new prevailing tax rate for all orders on the POS station for a period of time. This setting is useful for businesses that travel, such as a food truck. If you will be selling your product where there is a different prevailing tax, you can use this setting to access a different prevailing tax rate, as well as customizing the time the new prevailing tax is effective. For more information on creating the prevailing tax, please click here.


What is New Tax Group?

This is where you can create a new tax for a specific item. From the management console, go to Products-->Taxes-->Tax Groups-->New Tax Group. After creating your new tax group you can select to which product the tax will apply to. This new tax group will be taking the place of the prevailing tax rate which applies to all products by default. After selecting which products the new tax will apply to you then can set the rate. You can create a new rate or select a rate you already made previously.


What is remove held order?

Hides hold order button on the POS.


What is remove discount order?

Hides discount order button on the POS


What is delivery orders subject to cold taxation rules?

If enabled, items marked as “Is Cold will be tax free on Delivery items, just as they are on Take Out orders


What is remove cancel button?

Hides the cancel order button on the POS


What is transfer ownership of delivery orders to driver?

Under this setting, delivery drivers automatically become the owners of the order. As soon as you assign the order to a delivery driver the order will go under their name.


How do I assign a driver?

First, be sure you have set the dining option to delivery. Send the order and then hit the back button.

  1. Click on the Orders tab-->Delivery Management-
  2. Select the Order-->Select the person icon on the left hand side-->Select Driver.


What is enable transfer owner all modes?

Turn this on to allow transferring orders from one employee to another for Quick Service, Retail, and Grocery. This is similar to transferring tables in table service. If you enabled this you can find the button option called Transfer Owner at the bottom of the order. You may need to scroll.


What is show images on display unit?

Enables displaying images next to your items on the Display Unit. Exceedingly large files can affect the performance of the system. We recommend pictures no larger than 200x200 pixels.


What is the Display Unit?

This is an iPad mini that faces the customer and allows them to see the order and sign for their credit card.


What is language package?

Revel gives you the ability to change the language on the POS system. Click here for more information.


What is show held orders notification?

When enabled, a little blue circle will appear on the order button with the number of open orders in it.


What is include modifier options: no, side, only, lite?

Places 4 buttons at the bottom of each product modifier class on the POS to customize modifiers. When you select a product with modifier a screen will pop up titile “Select Modifiers for x.” If this is enabled 4 buttons will appear at the bottom of the screen labeled “no” “side” “only” and “lite.”


What is raise keyboard for barcode scanner?

The iPad system identifies a bluetooth barcode scanner as a keyboard. Therefore, when your bluetooth scanner and iPad are paired, the iPad’s keyboard will not raise when you need to type. By enabling this feature the iPad’s keyboard will raise when you need to type while also being paired with a bluetooth barcode scanner.


What is enable service fee?

Check this to turn on the service fees feature.


What is disable untax discounts?

A taxed discount means you are taxing and item/order at its’ discounted price. An untaxed discount is when an item/order is taxed from it’s original price instead of its’ discounted price. By enabling this feature you can prevents users from creating untaxed discounts on both the POS and the backend. Any discount currently marked as untaxed shall be changed to taxed.


What is enable modifier discounts?

This enables the ability to apply a discount to a modifier instead of discounting the entire product or item. With this feature you can solely discount the upcharge price of a modifier.


What is delivery optimization?

Enable pizza delivery optimization on POS. It calculates route based on max time between addresses. Also to set a max wait time between orders.


What is employees see only their own open orders?

When enabled, non-managers will only see their own orders under Orders-->Held Orders.


What is managers subject to to auto logout behavior?

Managers as well as employees will be automatically logged out of the system.


What is surcharge name?

This label will be used on receipts to identity the surcharge which is an additional charge or payment.


What is surcharge percentage?

The surcharge is tax that is applied to all items, regardless of other tax status. It is in addition to the prevailing or item tax. The surcharge itself is taxed.


What is auto refresh?

Automatically refreshes POS settings at a specified time or prompt to refresh POS settings at a specified time.


What is auto bag charge?

Check this box to add a bag fee to all online orders. The fee will also be available on the kiosk station.


What is do not display default modifiers on order screen?

If you check this box, a product’s default modifiers will not be displayed on the order screen. Modifiers with a cost will always display.


What is delivery postcode lookup?

If enabled, type a comma-separated list of postcodes below. The POS will check delivery addresses against the list of acceptable postcodes. If the postcode is not found we will warn the user that delivery cannot be made to this address.


What is void/return/exchange preset reasons?

Input the most common reason for void/return/exchanges. These reasons will be available for selection on the iPad.


What is payout/payin preset reasons?

Input the most common reason for payout/payin. This is any removal or addition of cash to the drawer that is not a transaction. These reasons will be available for selection on the iPad.


What is Sales Tax Exemption Default Reason?

If you manually remove the sales tax from an item or an order we will save this as the reason for doing so. You may input additional reasons below.


What is notify if station is offline?

Check this and the server will regularly ping the POS stations to determine if they are online. You can select which stations should be pinged on the POS station settings. We will display a warning on the dashboard for stations that cannot be contacted. Go to POS offline interval to set the number of minutes in between to pings.


What is modifier substitutions?

Allows you to limit which modifiers may be substituted for other modifiers. For more information on modifier substitution, please click here.


What is validate modifier selection on submit?

Check this if you wish to validate that all required modifiers have been selected on Add or Submit. Otherwise, the POS will validate modifiers class by class. Checking this will also disable auto-jumping from one modifier class to another.

If a modifier class has requirements, by default, the user is required to select a modifier for an item before being able to move on to select another modifier. You cannot leave the first modifier screen until you have selected the correct number of required modifiers. If you enable this feature you will be able to jump around between modifiers and are not required to select the correct amount until you push the Add or Submit button.


What is POS offline interval?

Select the number of minutes in between pings to determine if a station has gone offline.


What is support tax included product?

Check this box to support tax included product in an order


What is limit by revenue center?

If you want products to be sold tax included, in part but not in all of your business. (i.e. the bar but not the restaurant) check this box and select the appropriate revenue center. Revenue centers can be created in settings.

What is payment decimal?

When enabled amount tendered input shall start to the right of the decimal. So to enter $10.85 you would simply type 1085. If disabled you would type 10.85. Please contact Support to enable this feature.


What is CRV?

Turns on the CRV (recycling deposit) function. Choose how the CRV is displayed on guest receipts, either by products or total. Set the CRV value for the product in product detail screen. Set whether the CRV is taxed or not.


What is enables receiptless returns?

Turns on the receiptless returns functionality, allowing the user to perform returns without an order ID. Useful for retail settings.


What is manager only?

Limits receiptless returns to managers only.


What is Tender?

Select what kind of tender you will offer for receiptless returns, cash and or store credit. In the case of cash you will make a payout to the customer. The POS

For store credit, an order will be opened. The customer may immediately add goods to this order to be purchased based on the return amount or closed out as a gift card. To close out as a gift card, you need to first setup the gift card product then essentially purchase a gift card for same amount as the return amount. Click here to learn how to create gift card product.


What is enable quick donation?

Check this box to enable the quick donation feature that allows customers to easily donate their change or preset dollar amounts.


What is enable invoices?

Check this box to send or create invoices from the POS. Products on an invoice are not included in orders or deducted from inventory until the invoice is paid. For more information on invoices, please click here.


What is invoice notifications?

Every time an invoice is created and held, an “order notification” will be sent to all users with the Invoice Messaging Permission token. This token is set up under “Role Permissions”. When the invoice is turned into an order, another notification will be sent to the creator of the invoice.


What is order taker notifications?

When an order is created and held on Payment Taker POS station, a notification will be sent to any Order Taker POS stations that the Payment Taker syncs with.



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