Quick Service Settings

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In Quick Service Settings, you can customize features to improve the flow of your business. Navigate to Settings, then search for Quick Service Settings.

Settings Description
Use iPad Call Numbers An iPad call number is a number that is assigned to an order placed by a customer. By enabling this feature, the POS will automatically assign orders with sequential numbers.
Reset Call Numbers Daily If enabled, the POS will reset call numbers automatically at the end of each day.
Call Number Auto Resets After X Orders Input the number of orders that a POS will process before the call numbers reset to the starting call number.
Search By Call Number If enabled, users will be able to search recent order by Call Number on the POS. This will also add a Call Number column on the Order History report.
Allow Order Merge If enabled, you can merge two orders together. This function requires an Administrator's pin. For example, if one customer decides they would like to buy their friend’s lunch after the two separate orders have been placed, easily merge the two orders together.
Enable Quick Service Auto Gratuity This function turns on Auto Gratuity for quick service. Select the default percentage for the auto gratuity and whether or not it should be applied to all orders by default or not.
Link Credit Card to Order Enable pre-authorization of credit card to link to an order.
Quick Search for Linked Orders If this setting is checked, a new “Find Linked Orders” button appears below the order screen. It allows searching the linked order by card swipe. Without this setting, search linked orders via “Orders/Find Link Orders”.

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