Table Service Settings

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In Table Service Settings, you can customize features to improve the flow of your business. Navigate to Settings, then search for Table Service Settings.

Setting Description
Course Print Organizes the order screen, kitchen receipt, and guest receipts by course number.
Prompt for Seat Count If enabled, the user will need to enter the amount of guests at a table when opening an order for the first time.
Lock Table to Table Owner: Restricts accessing a table to managers and the employee who opened the order (the table owner).
Seat Prompt for Item Addition When adding an additional item to an order, the user is prompted to add the seat number the item is being added to.
Prompt for Course When adding an additional item to an order, the user is prompted to add the course number when adding the item.
Do not Prompt for Course if Product Course Equals 0 If a product’s default course number is 0, the Prompt for Course is disabled for that item. The user will not be prompted to assign a course number as that item does not need one, eg. drinks do not come with a specific course but more when they are first available therefor the course number could be set to 0.
Do not Prompt for Course or Seat if Dining Option Equals Take out or Delivery When the dining option for an order is set to Take Out or Delivery, Prompt for Course or Seat is disabled.
Print Fire Course Receipt Only The Fire Course Receipt sends just the course selected rather than the entire order to the kitchen. If this is enabled, tapping Fire Next Course when the table is ready for the next course will print a simple Fire Course # to the kitchen including only that course. If this is disabled, the entire order receipt will be sent to the kitchen including all courses.
Enable Auto Gratuity This enables the Auto Gratuity feature. Auto Gratuity is an automatic ‘tip’ added to orders over a set amount of people at a table. Input the amount of guests needed to invoke auto gratuity and the default percentage of the gratuity. This will then automatically add the correct percentage of gratuity when the table reaches or exceeds the limit of persons added in this section.
Bar Tabs If enabled, the Revel System will add up to 3 pages of bar tabs to the PO for the user to use.
Link Credit Card to Tables Enabling this allows the user to link a credit card to tables. These tables can then be re-opened with another swipe of the card.
Pages of Bar Tables Select how many pages of bar tables you want.
Lock Bar Tab to Tab Owner Restricts accessing a bar tab to managers and the employee who opened the tab.
Auto Logout on Send Enabling this automatically logs non-managers out of the system immediately after they press Send Order.
Bartenders do not Autologout This exempts users under the Bartender role from autologout.
Auto Gratuity Label This label will be used on receipts to display the auto gratuity.
Allow Pre-authorization If enabled, when the user links a card to a table or bar tab, Revel will contact the payment provider and pre-authorize the card.
Automate Pre-authorization If enabled, Revel will automatically pre-authorize a credit card when linking it to a table or tab. If disabled, Revel will ask each time if it should pre-authorize the card.
Pre-authorization Amount If pre-authorization is enabled, Revel will authorize credit cards for this amount. If left blank, the user will have to input the authorization amount each time.
No Default Auto Gratuity on Bar Tabs Disable auto gratuity for bar tabs.
Link Credit Card to Bar Tabs Allows users to link Credit Cards to Bar Tabs and reopen bar tabs with a swipe of that credit card.
Quick Course/Seat Menu If enabled, the user will be able to slide the bar on the top of the order to reveal quick course and seat selection menu.
Only Bar Drinks Suppress Course and Seat Prompts If enabled, only drinks ordered at Bar Stations will suppress course and seat prompts. If disabled, course and seat prompt shall be disabled for all products ordered at Bar Stations.
Sort Order list by Table Number Orders with a table number will be listed first on the orders page. 

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