Part 1 - Inventory Overview & Settings

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Revel's Inventory functionality allows you to keep track of product and ingredient quantities. A starting inventory quantity is set in the Management Console ([yoursubdomain].revelup.comor Revel Point of Sale. Each time a product is sold, either on the POS or through online ordering, the quantity sold will be deducted from the current inventory quantity. If you are using ingredient-level inventory, each time a product is sold that has an attached recipe, the ingredients in the recipe will be deducted from the inventory quantity. Please visit the Inventory Section for all articles pertaining to Inventory management. 


Inventory Settings

There are a number of settings that influence how your Inventory will function. Inventory Settings are located in the Management Console in the Settings tab under Inventory Settings. Each setting has a question mark icon next to it. Hover over the icon for further information regarding the setting. Important Inventory settings to know are:

  1. Use Inventory Cost: If enabled, products or ingredients will use the cost inputted in the Product Inventory or Ingredients Inventory tabs.
  2. Use Ingredient Cost to Calculate Product Cost: If a product is assigned ingredients through a recipe, the total cost of the product is derived from the sum total of all ingredients assigned to the product. If this setting is used in conjunction with Use Inventory Cost, the ingredient itself will have a dynamic cost based on the inventory cost.
    • Note: If a product does not have ingredients assigned to it through a recipe, the cost of the product is derived from the cost entered in the Products tab.
  3. Inventory Lookup: Allows you to see the inventory for a specific product on the POS across all establishments. This setting is only functional for businesses that have multiple establishments with Revel and sell the same products across all establishments. The products must have the same Name across locations as well as the same Barcode or SKU.
  4. Comps Update Unit Cost: If enabled, comps processed on the POS will increase the cost per unit of products or ingredients.
  5. Support Serial Numbers: Enable to support serial numbers for certain products. Serial numbers must be entered through the Inventory tab.
  6. Enforce Serial Number Inventory: If enabled, the correct serial number must be entered on the POS to sell the product.
  7. Allow Bypass Serial Number Check: When enabled, if a serial number is entered on the POS that does not match a serial number entered in the Management Console, the product can still be sold.
  8. Do Not Display Product Inventory Quantity On Menu: If enabled, the POS will not display badge icons containing inventory quantities next to products.
  9. Comp Label: Here you can edit the name of the Comp button on the POS.
  10. By Default Treat Voids/ Returns/ Exchanges As: Enable if you need voids, returns, and exchanges to return the products to inventory, waste the product automatically, or prompt the user for the appropriate action.
  11. Stock Movement Reasons: Enables a prompt for a reason code on each inventory movement. Add preset reasons and codes here, which will show when you move inventory from one establishment to another. 
  12. By Default, Invoices Put Products on Layaway: Any products added to an invoice on the POS will automatically be placed on layaway.
  13. Prompt for Layaway: When products are added to an invoice on the POS, the user will receive a prompt asking whether the product should be placed on layaway or not.

Adding Prep Recipes to Products

Revel has recently added Prep Recipes to provide functionality for recipes that are prepared in batch, but sold later. To use Prep Recipes:

  1. In the Management Console, navigate to the Products tab and click the recipe button for the desired product.
  2. Add all ingredients and quantities that comprise the recipe. View this article to learn how to add ingredients and attach recipes
  3. In the Recipes page, check Prep Recipes from the details menu on the left side of the screen. Once you see it on the right side, click the Prep Recipe checkbox.
  4. If you would like to input the yield that this recipe and product makes, check Recipe Yield from the details menu on the left side of the screen. Enter in the yield amount in the Recipe Yield field on the right side of the screen, then click Save.

Marking a Prep Recipe as Prepared

To mark that you have fully prepared a Prep Recipe:

  1. In the Management Console, navigate to the Inventory tab and click the Prep Recipes tab. You will see all products that have Prep Recipes enabled in the Products page.
  2. When you click Prep, a new window will appear with the original recipe. Here, you can edit the recipe if needed. This will only change the ingredients in the recipe this one time. If you want to change the recipe permanently, you will do that through the Recipes section in the Products tab. The Projected Input and Projected Yield allow you to change the ingredient amounts and yield amount for this specific batch.
  3. Click Prepare to mark this batch as fully prepared. As soon as you mark it as prepared, the individually ingredients will be pulled from your inventory quantities.

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