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The Boca Printer is the only ticket printer that Revel has integrated with. It’s integration was designed to meet the specific needs of movie theaters who sell tickets and conform to Sony Compliance.

Sony Compliance

For movie ticket sales, the Sony compliance option is required. Sony Compliance is a standard developed by Sony to keep track of a movies performance at a box office for any given run.

A run is defined as: movie title, movie format, movie’s predetermined showing length, and theatre.

For example

The following are examples of distinct runs.

  • Shrek, May 2001, Tiburon Movie Theater
  • Shrek in iMax3D, May 2001, Tiburon Movie Theater
  • Shrek in Real3D, May 2001, Tiburon Movie Theater

Although the above three are the same movie, Sony Compliance accounts for the different formats in order to determine which format does better in theatres.

  • Star Wars: A New Hope, 1977, Tiburon Movie Theater
  • Star Wars: A New Hope, 2013, Tiburon Movie Theater

Although the above two are literally the same movie (no changes to the film), the runs are considered distinct because the film ran its course in 1977 and is now up again in 2013.

  • Star Wars: A New Hope, 2013, Tiburon Movie Theater
  • Star Wars: A New Hope, 2013, Mill Valley Movie Theater

The above two are different runs because they are being played a different location. Even if the same company owns these, since they are different physical locations.

  • Shrek, May 2001, Tiburon Movie Theater, 8:30PM Showing
  • Shrek, May 2001, Tiburon Movie Theater, 9:30PM Showing

A run is not defined by showing times – even if the showings on different days.


QA has only tested the movie ticket functionality with the Boca’s Lemur-S model printer (

Although printer is capable of printing on other size paper, Revel has only written code to handle 2.0” x 3.25” cinema ticket stock.

Basic Specifications

Configure Printer

The Boca printer is configured via a web interface. The default IP address is Make sure to set the following settings:

  • IP Address
  • Ticket Type: Normal
  • Special Head: No
  • Printer Intensity: Dark

There are two physical adjustments that must be done on the printer depending on the type of paper being used.

  • Printer head adjustment – Sets the printer head forward or backward (relative to the feed direction).
  • Ticket width adjustment


Enable Sony Compliance

Sony compliance is a way to keep accounting the performance of a movie’s run. For each run, a unique number count is printed at the bottom of the ticket.

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Click on Staff Settings
  3. Check the Sony Compliance

Enabling Sony Compliance, it creates two new admin modifier class, time and screen. These modifiers need to be assigned to your movies.

Add Ticket Logo

The ticket logo is a logo that represents the theatre. This logo is printed on all movie tickets.

  1. Click settings
  2. Click on Staff Settings
  3. Under printer ticket logo click the choose button to upload a file

Adding the Printer

Instructions of things that must be done to the printer

  1. Set the cutting position
  2. Set the network settings
  3. Under Establishment -> Peripherals -> Printers, add the Boca printer with the IP address. The type can remain as "POS".

Creating the Event Products

  1. Backend > Products > Categories > create Film category.
  2. Create subcategories under Film category. Subcategories should be names of films (ex. Blade Runner). Subcategory should have enabled option *Film* under menu settings and any *Film rating* selected from the drop-down list.
  3. Admin class modifiers *Time* and *Screen* should be appeared under Products > Modifiers once you enable Sony compliance setting. You need to create showtimes and screens modifier items under these admin modifiers manually.
  4. Backend > Products > select Movie category and any subcategory.
  5. Under the subcategory (aka the Film name), should be the type of tickets such as Adult, Child, Senior, iMAX 3D, etc.
  6. Assign Time and Screen admin modifiers to created item.





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