The overview tab gives you a general overview of the payments of the day. The payment graph above shows you your total payment taken in the given time frame.


Total Payments: Total of all payments taken in from all payment forms such as cash, credit, and gift cards (excludes tips)

Credit: Total payments taken in credit cards (includes tips)

Actual Cash: Total payments taken in cash (includes tips)

Total Discounts: Total of all discounts

Sales Tax: Total sales tax collected (after voids and discounts)

Net Sales: Total sales made (excludes voids, discounts, and tax)


You can change the date range by selecting “Custom” at the top right.


Customer insight charts gives information regarding orders based on repeating or new customer. A repeating customer is when an order gets attached with a customer from the CRM while a new customer is when an order is made with no customer attached to it. Graph data is derived by comparing the last 200 credit payments to all credit payments taken in the past 3 months


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