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Payment Summary




The Payment Summary report displays all payments taken. It is the same as the payment section of the Sales Summary report, but this report includes a list of all the payments taken and refunded.

  • Displays all the payment methods with the amount collected
  • Displays the # of payin/payouts and their totals
  • Displays all tips collected by their payment method
  • Current Transaction Status
    • Accepted: Amount of CC accepted, has not been captured.
    • Captured: Amount of CC captured.
    • Declined: Amount of CC declined.
    • Failed: Amount of CC failed, probably happens when taking CC in offline.
    • Pending: Amount of CC currently pending to be authorized by payment gateway.


Payment Details

Payment details show all the transactions that took payment or were refunded. Clicking on the row of the order will bring the screen to order details.

Clicking the top of column will arrange the column based on the respective name.


Filters & Options

There are filters and options to help display specific kind of orders

  • Pos Station: Select to view the payment summary for specific POS stations or Revenue Center.
  • Dining Option: View the payment summary based on a specific dining option.
  • Employees: View payment summary for specific employees
  • Open: Includes “open” orders into the payment summary. An open order defines as an order that has not been closed on the POS station but may have received payment already.
  • Unpaid: Includes “unpaid” orders into the payment summary. An unpaid order defines an order that has received zero payment but may have items added to it. 
  • Irregular: Includes “irregular” orders into the payment summary. An irregular order defines as an order in the reporting period may be duplicated in other reporting periods. A common cause of this is when an order open one day and closes another day thus causing data to be split amongst two days.
  • Include tips in totals: Adds the tips into the payment totals on the left side as well as the payment details on the bottom.
  • Date Range: Choose a date or a date range to view the payment summary.





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