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The Payment Summary report displays all payments taken. It’s the same as the payment section of the Sales Summary report, but this report includes a list of all payments taken and refunded.


Payment Summary Report Tour

The various components of the Payment Summary report are:


  • Filters button: Click this to choose Employees, Point of Sale Stations, Dining Options, and Inclusions settings:
  • icon: Click this to export your report in various formats:


    • Cash: Total cash payments including refunds and excluding tips.
    • Credit: Sum total of all credit payments including refunds and excluding tips. Credit+ payments for AmEx, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa are here as well.
    • Checks: Total check payments, including refunds and excluding tips.
    • Custom Payments: Total of custom payments, including refunds and excluding tips.
    • Total Tender Payments: Displays total amount of all payment types accepted.
    • House Account: Total house account activity, including payments made with and against house accounts.
    • Applied Deposits: Total applied deposits, including refunds. Deposits are considered applied when the invoice is changed into an order, causing the sales to be realized.
    • Total Liability Payments: Displays total of all liability payments accepted.
Please Note: Foreign currency is now tracked in this report. All transactions taken in an alternate currency will have a ± next to the line item in the Payment Details section:


      • Payins Number: Total number of payins to the till.
      • Payouts Number: Total number of payouts to the till.
      • Payins Total: Total number and value of payins to the till.
      • Payouts Total: Total number and value of payouts to the till.
      • Cash Tips: Total cash tips.
      • Credit Tips: Total credit tips.
      • Checks Tips: Total checks tips.
      • Custom Payment Tips: Total custom payment tips.
      • Other Tips: Total tips from all other payment types.
      • Total Payable Tips: The total amount of tips from all kinds of payments payable to employees.
      • Liability Tips: Total amount of tips from liability payments, including gift cards, house accounts, and applied deposits.
      • Deposit Tips: Total tips made as deposits on invoices. These tips will become payable tips when the invoice is turned into an order.


      • Accepted: Total payments sent to payment processor that have not yet been captured.
      • Captured: Total payments captured and deposited to your bank account.
      • Declined: Total payments declined by payment processor.
      • Failed: Total payments that failed to send to payment processor.
      • Pending: Total payments pending to be sent to payment processor.
      • Unknown: Total payments with unknown status:

Payment Details Tour

The Payment Details section includes:

        • All Payments menu: Use this filter to view All Payments, Tender Payments, or Liability Payments.
        • Order No.: The unique order number assigned to the payment.
        • Type: The payment type.
        • Card Type: The type of card used if the payment was made with a credit card.
        • Date: The date the payment was made.
        • Station: The Point of Sale station where the payment was taken.
        • Transaction ID:v The unique transaction ID for the payment.
        • Transaction Status: If the payment type was a credit card, this column will display the card payment status (accepted, captured, declined).
        • Last 4 CC Digits: If the payment type was a credit card, this column will display the last 4 credit card digits.
        • Amount: The amount of the payment, excluding the tip.
        • Tip: The total amount of the tip, if a tip was left.
        • Total: The total amount of the payment plus the tip:

Each line item in this report will open the order details in the Order History Report.

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