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This report displays specific actions done either on the POS or Management Console. For example, any changes made to employee's clock in and out times under Time Worked in Schedules tab.

So if you have concerns that some of your employees with Dashboard access is changing Time Worked inappropriately, you can see all those changes in this report and act accordingly.

In the Employee column, it lists the employee name or Revel Management Console’s login name depending if the action took place on the iPad or computer. Next to it is the “Action” column, “Target”, “Description of Change”, and “Reason”.

In the above example, Employee Revel created a new time worked for Employee Robert Liang because he forgot to log in.

This report will be constantly updated to include other actions. New actions include open cash drawer button, managerial pin entry for discounts, and more.

Action Log is the report found under Reports > Other Reports > Action Log


Filters & Options

  • Employee: Filter the report to view for actions done by a specific employee or filter target by employee.
  • Actions: Filter to view only specific actions made. For example, view all the “Time Worked Created Manually”.
  • All POS Stations: View all actions done on specific POS station.
  • Date Range: Choose a date or date range in which you wish to view the action logs from.
  • Export Options: If you wish to keep a copy on your computer, you can export the logs into either a XLS or CSV file.


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