Action Log Report

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The Action Log report displays specific employee actions done on the POS and Management Console.


Action Log Tour

The various components of the Action Log are:

  • Filters button: Click this to choose POS stations, Employees, and Actions:

  • ... icon: Click this to export your report in various formats:

  • Group By button: Click this to group the actions by -None- or -Employee-:

  • Date Column: The date the action was made.
  • Employee Column: The employee who performed the action.
  • Action Column: The action that was performed.
  • Target Column: The specific product, tax, POS station, peripheral device, employee, admin permission, role permission, or timetable on which the action was performed.
  • Description of Change Column: All details of the action:

Displayed Actions

The Action Log records the following actions:

  • Item Deleted
  • Login Attempt
  • Tax Group Change
  • System Setting Option Change
  • POS Station Settings Change
  • Peripherals Device Settings Change
  • Product Change
  • Product Import
  • Tax Rate Change
  • Employee Change
  • Administrator Permission Change
  • Role Permission Change
  • Time Tables Change
  • Price Override

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