The Action Log report displays specific employee actions done on the POS and Management Console.


Action Log Tour

The various components of the Action Log are:

  1. Filters button: Click this to choose POS stations, Employees, and Actions:

  2. ... icon: Click this to export your report in various formats:

  3. Group By button: Click this to group the actions by -None- or -Employee-:

  4. Date Column: The date the action was made.
  5. Employee Column: The employee who performed the action.
  6. Action Column: The action that was performed.
  7. Target Column: The specific product, tax, POS station, peripheral device, employee, admin permission, role permission, or timetable on which the action was performed.
  8. Description of Change Column: All details of the action:

Displayed Actions

The Action Log records the following actions:

  1. Item Deleted
  2. Login Attempt
  3. Tax Group Change
  4. System Setting Option Change
  5. POS Station Settings Change
  6. Peripherals Device Settings Change
  7. Product Change
  8. Product Import
  9. Tax Rate Change
  10. Employee Change
  11. Administrator Permission Change
  12. Role Permission Change
  13. Time Tables Change
  14. Price Override

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