Shopify Integration Procedure for Clients

By Amelia Dwyer | Updated


1. Shopify settings on the Management Console :

a. Go to Settings > Advanced > Third Party API > Shopify Settings.      


Note: Please be sure the Shopify Integration has been enabled for the account. If the Shopify Settings Icon is not available, contact our Support staff (

b. Provide the full URL of the Store and connect to Shopify.

c. There will be a prompt to provide login and password details on Shopify followed by a prompt for authenticating with Install Revel Systems.     


d. There will next be a prompt back to the Revel Management Console. Please choose the store being used from the dropdown and click Save. 


2. Setting the SKU for Products on Revel and Shopify:

In order for items to be tracked between Revel and Shopify they need to be linked by a product level SKU. This SKU should be identical in both systems. 

a. Ensure that all products sold on Shopify are present in the Revel Management Console. 

b. Create and associate a SKU for each Shopify product via their dashboard. For setting up a Product SKU in Shopify, from the Shopify dashboard go to Product > Add a Product/select an existing Product.

c. Input the Shopify SKU into the appropriate field in Revel for the product(s). To set up Shopify Product SKU in the Revel Management Console go to Products > Product > Category > SubCategory > Product Details. Check Advanced Product Details.

d. Enter the Shopify SKU under the heading Advanced Product Details/Third Party Preferences.

The inventory should now be adjusted on Shopify automatically whenever a product is sold on Revel POS. When updating inventory amounts in Revel, the inventory in Shopify will NOT be adjusted. Any sales from Shopify will NOT update the Revel inventory.

When using Shopify integration, it is recommended to use Shopify for inventory management.

The guide for integrating with Existing Shopify users, you can find here.

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