Revel Integration of Caller ID

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Caller ID is a feature that allows phone lines to be connected to the POS customer database. When a call comes in, the POS operator has the ability to accept the call which opens an order with which is associated with the customer calling.
This functionality is made possible thanks to the "Whozz Calling? 2" caller id device (Call ID Box). More information about this device can be found on their website,

The caller id feature works with all versions of Revel POS 1507 and newer using the "Whozz Calling? 2" ethernet model of the device.

Quick Instructions:


Call ID Box has two analog phone line in jacks and one copper ethernet network jack.
Call ID Box must be on the same network as the POS. The Call ID Box works with lines that offer CID information, both analog lines or digital lines have been converted to analog.


Please contact Support to set up which station will be receiving the call notification.

Complete Instructions

Configuring Whozz (slow method) 

  1. Install the Ethernet Link Config (Elconfig) software on a Windows PC in order to configure the Call ID Box. Software can be downloaded from 

  2. Open the Elconfig on the PC 

  3. Connect the Call ID Box to the same network as the PC 

  4. Click Refresh ­­this scans the network for available devices 

  5. Select the correct device (by serial number) from the drop down menu 

  6. Click change next to "IP Address" 

  7. Change the IP Address to match your network configuration (contact Revel Support if the assigned IP Address is unknown) 
  8. Click Update and wait 10 seconds 

  9. Congratulations, the Call ID Box is now configured to work 


Place a call from an outside number to the land line that has that caller id number. As the call comes in, in the upper right hand corner there should appear the name or number of the individual calling. From there the POS operator can choose to open a new order with the caller as the customer.

Video Demonstration: Click here  



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