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Basic POS Settings: Automatically Apply Charges to All Delivery Orders


These steps explain how to automatically apply a delivery charge to an order that is delivered to the customer. (This makes the delivery charge auto-apply if the selected Dining Option for the order is "Delivery".)


  • These steps require you to refresh all of your iPads, so make sure you add the delivery charge when you know no orders will be taken. (Example: When the restaurant is closed.)

  • The delivery charge will be the same for every delivery.


  1. From the Management Console go to Settings > Advanced POS Settings > Enable Service Fee
  2. Ensure this feature is enabled with a tick.
  3. Products > Service Fees
  4. Create a new Service Fee. If the Service Fee attracts Tax, tick Tax. If the Service Fee is applied Post Tax, tick Post Tax.
  5. Save your settings.
  6. On your new Service Fee, click the Details button.
  7. In the Service Fee AutoApply section, Type equals By Dining Type
  8. Enter in the Dining Type Delivery.
  9. Save your settings.
  10. Refresh all of your iPads.



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