Zebra: How to Print Barcode Labels

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If items have barcodes, you can print the pricing or stock labels on the Point of Sale. These labels can be used to stick onto the products, or used to display prices on cabinets or shelves.  A Zebra label printer is required to print these labels.  


Configuring the Zebra Label Printer

There are three styles of barcode labels to print from. In order to make sure you have the print label option, it is required to go through this step. To configure and select the kind, follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into the Point of Sale as an owner or manager.
  2. At the bottom of the Dashboard, choose Settings:1.jpg
  3. Choose Printers and select Label Print Options2.jpg
  4. Select the type of label you want to print out:
    1. Pricing Label: Displays the name and price in large font with a small barcode.
    2. Stock Label: Displays a large barcode with name and price in small font.
    3. Jewelry: If using jewelry labels (small butterfly), select this option:3.jpg
    4. Make sure Use As Label Printer is turned ON (as seen above). 
    5. Changes save automatically. 

Printing Labels Through Product Setup

Unlike recipe labels, there is no need to assign products to print labels. As long there is a Zebra printer setup for the establishment, barcode labels can be printed for them. 

NOTE: If there is not a barcode associated with an item, a label cannot be printed for it.

  1. Under the dashboard, tap Product Setup.
  2. Find your item by using the search bar or tapping its corresponding Category and Subcategory:99.jpg
  3. Enter the desired quantity, and whether to print the entire Category or a specific product
  4. Then tap OK, then choose Print Labels. 
  5. Labels should print directly from the Zebra Printer: 




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