Zebra: How To Print Recipe Labels

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This feature allows the Zebra printer to print out recipe labels for specific products. These labels normally have the name of the product, as well as any specified modifiers and are typically used to stick onto drink orders such as smoothies, where the label will display product name, modifiers, and call name and/or order number:



How to Assign an Individual Product to the Zebra Printer

Each product needs to be assigned to print to the Zebra printer in the same fashion as kitchen printers.

  1. Log into Management Console (yourdomainname.revelup.com)
  2. Click the Products and make sure Products is also selected in the left panel.
  3. Find the Product you would like to assign to the Zebra printer and select the Pencil icon to the far right to access the Product Details: 1.jpg
  4. On the Product Details page, check Display/Print Options on the left.
  5. On the right, click the box for Printers and select the name of the Zebra printer from the dropdown (this name is set up by Revel Support): 2.jpg
  6. Press Save

How to Assign Multiple Products to the Zebra Printer (import/export)

Assigning products to printers can also be done in bulk if you have multiple products you would like to assign to the Zebra Printer. Using Revel's import/export spreadsheet, you can easily update product details en masse. 

To do so: 

  1. Log into Management Console (yourdomainname.revelup.com)
  2. Click the Products and choose Import/Export in the left panel. You can import/export item information for Products, Modifiers, Ingredients, etc. In this case, choose Products
  3. Select the Advanced Export option and in the Export Contents section, choose Printers4.jpgNote: you can activate multiple Additional Fields, as needed; this will create additional fields in your Import/Export spreadsheet. 
  4. You will get a warning message; choose the Export option to continue: 6.jpg
  5. Your exported file will open as an Excel (or the equivalent) file on your computer. On the spreadsheet, you will see a column for Printers. Make sure you copy the name exactly as it is entered in the Management Console (i.e. Zebra 1). If you have multiple printers you want to assign, separate them with a comma and a space (i.e. Zebra 1, Kitchen 1):8.jpg
  6. Save the file when finished. Now you're ready to upload it back into Revel. 
  7. On your Management Console, go back to Products. Choose Import/Export option and select Products from the dropdown (see #2 above).
  8. At the bottom of the page, under the Import Products section, choose the saved file on your computer and then select Import5.jpg
  9. You'll see a notification that the file is being processed. Check your email for a final confirmation once the import is successful. 7.jpg
  10. After receiving the confirmation email, be sure to refresh your Point of Sale stations to push the changes to your stations. 
  11. Once this is finished, when a designated product is rung up on a station, a Zebra label will print out a recipe label for that product. 


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