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It is important to note when setting up customers on the Management Console, that customers do not get imported or synced between QBO and Revel except for during initial integration. 

During initial integration, CRM will be imported from QB to Revel.

After initial setup, if you need customers in Revel or QB, customers can be exported from QBO and imported into Revel through a spreadsheet. Customers should then be updated and managed in Revel.

To import QBO employees into Revel, login to QBO. Go to Customers > select the customers that are to be imported and click the Export to Excel button in the top right.

Then login to the Revel Management Console and go CRM > Export/Import.

Export the Revel CRM template.

Copy information from the QBO template to the Revel template. Please note - there are certain fields in Revel template that are mandatory. Without these fields filled out correctly, the upload to Revel Management Console will not be successful.

Choose the excel file that you have just added your CRM information to and select Import.

To create a new customer, leave the ID field blank and input a line for the main customer data (First Name, Last Name, email, etc) and initial address. To input a second address for a new customer, put a # sign into these fields: ID, First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number, Ref Number, Birthdate and Customer Group. The new address line must be right below the new customer line.

Another option is to input new customers via the POS. To do so, login to the iPad POS app and click Customers at the top left. On the screen that pops up, click Add New and input the information required.

As soon as these customers are in the Revel system, please make sure to only add customers from Revel as they will not update in QBO unless they are manually updated in QBO.

For further assistance please contact QuickBooks Online at:

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