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Important Notes

Note: Sales module is required for all other integration modules to successfully sync data to your QBO account. 

During initial sync, all employees will be pushed from QBO to Revel so please do not have employees setup in both places.

Employees can be created in QBO or in Revel (Please create in QBO if using QB Payroll). If you choose to create employees in Revel, they will push to QBO real time (or close to). When employees are created in QBO, these will push overnight to Revel. 

Please never delete employees in either system. 

First_name, last_name, email, phone, external id and start date are all mapped between the QBO and Revel. If any of these fields are updated in Revel, they will update in QBO in real time. If any of these are updated in QBO, they will update in Revel the following day. 

Should customers update the employee information in both Revel and QBO on a given day, these will cause a conflict. Customers will receive an email outlining the conflict and the QBO employee information will always be the master of information still.

Setting up Employees

To begin, create the employees in QuickBooks. To do this, login into QBO, go to Employees and click on the left Add Employee button.

Once the employee has been created, set up their hourly rate and make sure employees are clocking in and out from the Revel POS in order to verify how many hours they have worked.

For employees that have another title, other than Employee, add a Role to each of those employees.

Using the Integration

If adjustments must be made to employee hours after employees have clocked in and out through Revel, these adjustments should be made in Revel. To adjust times worked in Revel, login to Revel URL and go to Schedules > Times Worked. Here, employee times worked can be amended. These amendments will push to QBO the following day and the previous times will be adjusted to match what is in Revel.

Please note: If using QBO Payroll, employees can only work one role at a time. Revel tracks the time activity (i.e. hours worked) and passes it over to QBO. QBO payroll does not allow Revel to send any other information other than hours worked. 

Users can create checks in QBO using the total hours for employees and account for those checks in the Expenses Account. 

To use the QBO payroll feature with the QBO and Revel integration customers must have a QBO Payroll subscription.

Please ensure that the Revel URL is already integrated with QBO. To enable the payroll integration, go to Settings > QuickBooks > Setup QuickBooks Online Integration. Then select ‘Payroll’ and Save the integration. This will then allow employee times worked to push from Revel to QBO.

Once an employee is added in QBO, click Run Payroll at the top right of the Employees screen. 

There needs to be a bank account associated in order for users to pay out employees. Once a bank account is added, add the hours and click Preview Payroll

Review and Submit.

Now, clients can create checks and Employees and Payroll are set up to be used. 

If employees are created in Revel yet QBO Payroll is going to be used, this requires clients to deactivate employees in Revel. Employees will then have to be created in QBO. Go to Employees > Actions > Employee Info > Uncheck Active. Then, create employees in QBO as shown above. The employees created will only get crossed over once with initial integration sync.


Please note that Double Time and Overtime DO NOT come over to QBO. The double and overtime hours will come over to QBO from Revel at the same base wage as normal hours. 

Also, note that Revel can only send information for one Role per employee. If employees have multiple roles, Revel will send the times worked and it is then advised to manually change the hourly rate (if more than one role is being used) in QBO before running payroll. 

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