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If customers are using Intuit payments, please follow these steps to ensure correct integration of payments to Revel URL. 

If the customer is using QBO as well as Intuit payments, please make sure that these accounts are mapped together already. To make sure this is completed or to have these mapped, please contact Intuit Payments Onboarding at (800) 914-2688 - ext. 2. 

To integrate Intuit QB Payments, please login to Revel URL. Go to Settings > QuickBooks > Setup QuickBooks Payments. 

For just payments, please uncheck Connect with QBO. For QBO and Intuit Payments, please keep both lines checked and select > Connect to QB Company.

Follow the steps to authorize the account.

Once integrated, Revel will now be activated for the POS to process credit card transactions. To verify that the system is activated, login to the Revel Management Console and go to Settings > QuickBooks> Manage QuickBooks Connections

Go to Setup Quickbooks Online Integration and make sure that the Establishment is connected to Summary + Payment Reconciliation. 



At this time, Intuit offers the Ingenico IPP350 card swipe, which has the option to use debit. In using debit, clients will still process payments the same on the POS, by clicking credit and then waiting for the pin pad.

Intuit also now offers a mobile Infinea Tab M cardswipe (no pinpad and no EMV chip option).

Below is the link where a client processing with Intuit can manage their account and make changes. Also, if a client ever needs Intuit processing support, the contact information is: 

Please remember that Intuit is available Mon- Fri 6am – 8pm, Online 24 hrs. a day:

Phone: 800-558-9558


At this time, intuit does not offer EBT or EMV with IPP350 cardswipes. Intuit payments now integrates with Revels Online Ordering platform.

For further assistance please contact QuickBooks Online at:

1(800) 914-2688 DNIS:68225

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