Web Appointment Overview & Setup

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Web Appointments

This feature allows client’s customers to book appointments via a web portal. Please contact Support to enable this feature. Note, Reservations feature must have been purchased first to have web appointments.


Please contact Support to make changes to the following settings

  1. Calendar display time divisions: Input the number of minutes into which the appointment calendar will be divided. For example, by inputting 30, the calendar will display slots for every half hour.
  2. Calendar display max number of days into the future: Enter the maximum number of days from today that customers may input to search for available appointments. For example, by inputting 20, and today is March 1, customers will be able to search as far out as March 21.
  3. Number of days of proposed appointments to display: Input how many days of proposed appointments will be shown from the date selected by the customer. For example, by inputing 2 and the  customer selects March,10, Revel will display available appointment slots for March 10, March 11, and March 12.
  4. Home URL: Clicking the logo in the Web Appointment page will direct to this URL.
  5. Appointments SMS reminder: Enable this to send SMS reminders for appointments and select how many hours prior to the appointment that reminders should be sent. Twilo settings must be configured.



Please contact Support to enable Web Appointments. This will allow customers to book their appointments via a web portal. Once enabled, the link to the web portal is located under the Reservations Tab in the Management Console.


There are options to either add a button to the establishment’s website or to create a direct link.


How to Book an Appointment Online

1. Once a customer clicks the button or link to the web appointment portal, it will prompt to select the service, the provider, and the date. Then a chart of available times will appear to select. If no provider is selected, it will display all providers for the selected service. (To set available time slots in the Web Appointments page Click here.)



2. After selecting a service and time, a window will prompt for the customer to sign in. If a returning customer, they can enter in their phone number or email. If a first time visitor, they must create a new profile or login to their Facebook.





3. Once the appointment has been booked, a final confirmation page is displayed for the customer. The calendar on the iPad POS Platform will display an appointment for the booked time slot shortly. Also the time slot will no longer be selectable on the web portal.



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