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Group Combos give you the option to create and sell a predefined combination of products for a set price.


Creating a Group Combo

To build a combo:

  1. In your Management Console ([yoursubdomain], navigate to the Products tab. All products that will be included in the combo must be created first. View this article for further explanation on how to build products.
  2. Locate the category and subcategory you'd like your combo product to be housed under.
  3. Click +Add Product and type combo product such as Burger & Side Combo. Enter the price of the combo in the Price field. Click the floppy disk icon in the top right corner to save your new combo product:

  4. After your combo product is created and saved, click the pencil icon to the far right of the product:

  5. In the product details, scroll down to the Basic Product Details/ Pricing Options/ Combo Options section. Check the box next to Is Combo and then click Save in the top right corner. Please note: the Combo Options section will not be visible if the product already has an upsell combo linked to it: 

  6. Click the new field +Add New Combo Product Set and type the Product Set Name. The sets are the groups of items included in the combo such as Burgers, Sides, and Drinks.
  7. You will then enter and select all items included in the product set. For example, if your first set is Burgers, you will enter all eligible burgers in the Combo Products field. If you have several items to add to the set, you can enter a product group in the Combo Product Groups field.
  8. Next, enter the quantity for the set in the Quantity field. The quantity allows you to set how many items a customer can choose from this set.
  9. If this product set contains the most expensive items in the combo, check Is Combo Saving. This will reprice the product in order to achieve the price savings offered by the combo:

  10. Click + Add New Combo Product Set to add the 2nd set. Type the name of the set in the Product Set Name field. Enter the eligible products in the Combo Products field or Combo Product Groups field. Enter the Quantity for the set:

  11. If you have an additional set for the combo, click + Add New Combo Product Set and repeat the process.
  12. Once all sets have been added, click Save in the top right corner.

Ringing Up a Group Combo on the Point of Sale

To ring up your combo on the POS:

  1. Make sure to refresh your POS so your new combo is updated.
  2. On the main POS screen, tap the category and the subcategory that your combo is housed under. Then, tap the combo product:

  3. On the POS screen, a new combo window will appear. Tap the desired combo products to add them to the combo. Once the correct products are selected, tap Add To Order in the bottom right corner:

  4. You will see the name of the combo along with the specific combo items:

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