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Within the Inventory Icon in the Management Console, new filters allow to view inventory based on:

  • On Hand (Inventory including Layaway)
  • For Sale (Inventory without Layaway)
  • On Layaway (Layaway amount)


How to Set an Item to Layaway

Layaway only works when the item is within an invoice. In order to create an invoice, invoices must be enabled in the Management Console.  To learn more about invoices, click here.

There are two settings in Management Console to easily put products on layaway under Settings -> Inventory Settings

  • By default, invoices put products on layaway: Any items rung up into the invoice will automatically be placed into layaway
  • Prompt for layaway: Any items rung up into the invoice will prompt whether to place item into layaway or not



  1. Create an invoice on iPad POS Platform
  2. Add the item to the Order. 
  3. Tap the ellipses icon. Then select Layaway Items
  4. Layaway All Items









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