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The Operations Report is a combination of various reports in one. Instead of going into each individual report, this reconciles the essentials from each report into one large report.

Operations Report Tour

The various sections of the Operations Report are:

  1. Sales By Class: Displays the quantity and sales for each product class. All products not belonging to a class will fall under Unknown Class. For a full report on product classes, visit the Product Mix Report.
  2. Payments: Displays all payments methods and the amount collected for each. The payment Grand Total will equal the Net To Account For in the Sales Summary Report. For a full report on payments, visit the Payment Summary Report.
  3. Gross Product Sales: Displays all Taxed Gross Sales, Untaxed Gross Sales, Taxed Service Fees, and Untaxed Service Fees.
  4. Discounts: Displays all Item Discounts and Order Discounts. 
  5. Net Sales: Displays all Taxed Net Sales and Untaxed Net Sales. Net sales are your gross sales minus your discounts.
  6. Taxes: Displays all your different taxes, their rates, and how much was collected. For a full report and breakdown, visit the Tax Report.
  7. Liabilities: Displays all liabilities, which are deposits made to house accounts, invoices, gift card purchases, and store credit purchases.
  8. Tips: If you accept tips at your establishment, this section will display all cash tips, credit tips, other tips, and custom payments. It also displays any auto gratuity, adjustments to tips, and the total tips.
  9. Adjustments: If you have Rounding Enabled turned on, the adjustments will display any cash payments that were rounded to make exact cash. 
  10. Cash Summary: Displays total cash payments, pay-ins, pay-outs, and any cash deposits as well as Expected Cash and Actual Cash in your till. For a full report, visit the Tills Report.
  11. Service Performance: Displays the total transactions taken, the average per check or order, total guests (if you are keeping track of guest count), and the average sale per guest.
  12. Labor: Displays the amount of wages paid out based on hourly rate of each employee. For a full report, visit the Labors Report.
  13. Discounts: Displays the reason, quantity, and total for all discounts.
  14. Voids, Returns, Comp, and Exchanges: Displays the reason, quantity, and total for all voids, returns, comps, and exchanges. For a full report, visit the Discount Report:

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