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Operations Report



Available in 1525 update. The new Operations Report is a combination of various reports all into one. Instead of going into each individual report, this reconciles the essentials from each report into one large report.


1.    Sales By Class: Displays the quantity and sales for each product class. All products not belonging to a class will fall under the “Unknown Class”. To learn how to create classes, click here. For a full report on product class, visit the Product Mix Report.

2.    Gross Product Sales + Discounts + Liabilities + Tips + Service Performance: Displays various information found in the Sales Summary Report.

3.    Taxes: Displays all the different taxes, their rates, and how much was collected. For a full report and breakdown, visit the Tax Report.

4.    Payments: Displays all the types of payment methods and the amount collected. It should match up to “Net To Account For”. For a full report, visit the Payment Summary Report.         

5.    Cash Summary: Displays total cash payments, pay ins, pay outs, and any cash deposits for the given time frame. For a full report, visit the Tills Report.

6.    Labor: Displays the amount of wages paid out based on hourly rate of each employee. For a full report, visit the Labors Report.

7.    Discounts, Voids, and Comps: Displays the quantity and total of each discount, void and comp reasons. For a full report, visit the Discount & Voids Report.

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