How to Print Gift Receipts

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Gift receipts prints out products sold, without the pricing information. If a customer purchases items intended to be a gift for someone else, there is an option to print out a gift receipt in addition to a regular receipt. This gives the recipient the option to exchange the gift for other items or in store credit.


How to Print Out Gift Receipt

Once payment has been taken for an order, the option to print the gift receipt is available on the bottom of the payment screen. This prints out a receipt without the price and payment information. 



Performing the Exchange

If the gift recipient decides to return the item(s), the cashier will pull up the order number indicated on the receipt (or scan the barcode of the order number on the receipt). Once the order has been pulled up, cashier may select the item and perform an exchange. This places a discount of the amount of the item being exchanged.

  1. Find the Orders window and open the order you want to return. 
  2. Enter in the ID number of the gift receipt
  3. Select the desired exchange product on the left
  4. Select whether to exchange the selected product or multiple products
  5. Enter in the exchange reason and confirm by hitting “Yes”
  6. This opens up a brand new order with the exchange discount amount. The discount name will include the original order number on it
  7. Ring in new items or ring in a gift card product.






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