How to Setup Revel Admin Swipe Cards

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Admin cards allow for added security to your system. It prevents employees from being able to "see" a manager's PIN as it is entered into the Point of Sale, since no PIN is required for managers with a swipe card. The swipe card should remain on the manager, secured at all times. Admin cards must first be set up by Revel Support. Once activated, follow the steps below to complete the setup.


Activating Admin Swipe Cards

  1. From the Management Console [], navigate to Settings. Clear Selections and search for "Admin Swipe Login". Check the box on the left to display the setting on the right. Check the box to activate Admin Swipe Login:

  2. Once this is checked, you'll see an additional setting appear to Accept only admin swipe input. If you want to be able to use ONLY Admin Cards for all functions normally requiring a PIN (such as clock-in, login and PIN entry) and you want to disable manual PIN input for those functions then be sure to check the box for this setting as well.
  3. When finished, Save. 

Assigning Admin Cards to Employee

Once the Admin Swipe functionality is activated, you'll need to assign admin cards to your managers and/or employees. To do so:

  1. From the Management Console, go to Employees. Locate the employee you would like to assign an admin swipe card and click on the icon for Actions:

  2. Locate the Employee Card field and enter the number listed on your admin card. The number printed on the back of the card will correspond with a 6 or 9 digit number on the paper list that was sent with the Admin cards:

  3. When finished, Save.
  4. Refresh each Point of Sale station to test your new cards.

NOTE: If you use unencrypted IDTech card swipe or RFID readers using the RS232 interface to read admin cards, employees can simply swipe their cards on the login screen of the POS to login.

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