How to Deactivate a Category/Subcategory/Product/Modifier

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It is not possible to delete a Category, Subcategory, Product, or Modifier from the Revel System for history tracking purposes. However, it is possible to deactivate any of these items and not have them visible on the iPad POS Platform nor visible in the Management Console. This way it is always possible to go back, make an item visible, and activate it again. 

Login to the Management Console. For Categories, Subcategories, and Products, select the Products Tab. Uncheck the Active box in the desired row for either Category, Subcategory, or Product. Hit the "Save" button in the upper righthand corner. 


For Modifiers go to Products Modifiers. Uncheck the Active box in desired row for the modifier. Hit "Save" button in the upper righthand corner. Any products assigned to the modifier will no longer display the inactive modifier.


The item will no longer be visible on the iPad POS Platform. To make is invisible in the Management Console as well, make sure the "Show Active Only" setting (in the upper righthand corner) is enabled. To see all Categories, Subcategories, Products, and Modifiers anytime in the future, simply disable the "Show Active Only" and all items, active or not, will be visible. 

"Show Active Only" Disabled

"Show Active Only" Enabled

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