How to split a bill/ticket

By Evelyn


To have the option to split a bill/ticket, it is necessary to activate in the Management Console. (The Split Bill Function is not available in Retail Service.)

  1. Log in to the Management Console
  2. Select the Settings Tab
  3. Select Payments
  4. Enabled "Split Bills"
  5. Hit Save


On the iPad POS Platform, when an order is rung up and is in the payment stage, a "Split Bill" button will appear on the righthand side. Select "Split Bill."

Split Bill will prompt for how details on how to split the bill

Split Evenly: If this is selected another prompt will ask the amount of people to split the bill the between. (i.e. If "3" people is selected, the system will automatically create 3 checks where the total due is split evenly three ways.)

Split Manually: If this is selected another prompt will ask the amount of people to split the bill between. After selecting the amount of people, another prompt will ask to enter the manual amount for each check . ( i.e. If "3" people are selected, the system will prompt for the amount due on the first check, the second check, and then will automatically create the third check with the balance left over.)

Split By Item: This option allows to add as many checks as needed as well selecting which items to to put on each check. 

If Setting are set to Table Service, then there is another Split Bill Option; Split By Seat Number

From here, select an item that to be split in half, or add any item to a new check. 

To split and item in half:

  1. Tap on the item
  2. Select "Split Item"

3. Select "Add Check"

4. A new check will appear. Make sure all Checks are selected Select OK.

The item that was selected will split the price in half on two bills. 

To add any item to a new check:

   1.Tap on "New Check" (Bottom lefthand corner or the righthand side of the screen)

    2. Select "Add Items" on the new Check

   3. Select the items to go on the new check

Close out the checks as normal with any of these split bill options. When checks have been paid, the word "PAID" will appear on the checks. 


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