Split Bills

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If a party request to divide a tab among several people, you can use Split Bills to divide by items, by the number of people, or even manually.  


Enabling Split Bills

Before using Split Bills, the functionality must be enabled in the Management Console.

  1. Begin by navigating to the settings tab. In the search for settings box, enter Split Bills.
  2. On the right, check the box for Split Bills. Then click Save

Using Split Bills

Before using Split Bills, remember to refresh the iPad POS Platforms station. 

  1. Begin by adding items to the order screen. Then tap Pay.
  2. Under the actions icon, select Split Bill. If you do not see the icon, use the arrow to view more icons. 

  3. After selecting Split Bills, you can choose to split the bill in several ways: 
    • Split Evenly: If this is selected, another prompt will ask the amount of people to split the bill the between. (i.e. If "3" people are selected, the system will automatically create 3 evenly split checks.)
    • Split Manually: If this is selected, another prompt will ask the amount of people to split the bill between. After selecting the amount of people, another prompt will ask to enter the manual amount for each check . ( i.e. If "3" people are selected, the system will prompt for the amount due on the first check, the second check, and then will automatically create the third check with the balance left over.)
    • Split By Item: This option allows to add as many checks as needed as well selecting which items to to put on each check.
    •  Split By Seat Number: From here, select an item to be split in half, or add any item to a new check.

  4. For splitting the bill evenly, enter the specific amount of people.

  5. Next, enter the payment method and complete the payments for every individual check. Once completed, the Point of Sale will direct you to a new orders screen. 

Clear Split Bills

Clearing a split bill merges split bill back into one total. Because it also refunds all payments on the order, clearing a split bill requires a security PIN from an employee with refund permission.

  1. Tap Clear Split Bills.

  2. If the employee who owns the order does not have refund permission, the Point of Sale will require a PIN from someone who does

  3. Tap Yes.

  4. Tap OK and refund any payments.


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