Manage Item Mode (86 feature) allows clients to assign specific products to be in stock, out of stock, or set the amount of stock. Each time a product is rung up, it brings the stock down by one. Once it hits 0, ringing up the item will prompt the server that the item is out of stock.

Note: If "Synchronize Inventory" is enabled, 86 feature becomes inactive. If the 86 buttons do not show up, please contact Support to enable the "inventory" function for the iPad.

How to Use Manage Item Mode

  1. Log into the Revel iPad POS Platform
  2. Select Settings, the gear icon, at the upper left
  3. Select Manager to enter manager settings page 
  4. Select Manage Item Mode
  5. Navigate the product list for the specific product
  6. Select the desired product 
  7. Select either In Stock, Set Stock, or Out of Stock
    1. In Stock: Item can be rung up freely
    2. Set Stock: Set an amount of stock available
    3. Out of Stock: Set the item as out of stock or "0" stock

If a set stock is inputted, each time the product is rung up, it will subtract one from the available stock. A small number in the upper lefthand corner will indicate the remaining amount.

If the item runs out of stock, the number will indicate "0". If the product is selected again, it will prompt a window indicating it is out of stock. However, the product can still be added to the order if selected.

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