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Gift Card Sales are transferred to QBO as Gift Card Sales in an Invoice . This is the same as shown in Revel Sales Summary.

To view the Sales Summary Report in Revel, login to Revel URL and go to Reports > Sales Summary. Sales Summary can be filtered by Customer date/time range.

To view Gift Card Sales in Quickbooks Online please login to QBO account and click on Transactions > Sales. Go to Invoice from QBPOS Customer and Gift Card Sales will be seen as a line item (example: $50 of Gift Cards were sold).

Gift card transactions will be passed to QBO as Gift Card Payment. During integration, Revel creates a payment method named as GiftCard. All gift card transactions will be passed by to QBO through that name.

Gift Card payments will come over similarly to other payment types (cash, credit etc...). This payment will apply to the invoice for that day in QBO.


Gift Card Sales - When someone purchases a gift card.

Gift Card Transactions - When someone pays using a gift card.


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