Brand Level Employees and QBO

By Amelia Dwyer


When integrating Employees with QBO, make sure to connect the two (or more) establishments with one QBO company. Employees are mapped on a Brand level between QBO and Revel. Employees are imported from QBO to Revel and then attached with all the Establishments in Revel.You can then set roles and permissions for employees in each establishments. Employees are already mapped so as their work hour is logged in Revel it will be transferred to QBO at the day end.

What if I want sales for each establishemnts to go different accounts in QBO? 

If a client wants employees to all to go to one account in QBO, they must keep this in mind for mapping and would be unable to add an additional account to have specific sales going to different accounts. 

The options are to either have brand level employees in QBO using the same account, or have different QBO companies chosen for each Revel establishment to see sales in different locations.

From an integration perspective, it is recommended to have one account for everything as different invoices will be received per location. 

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