Part 4 – Import Export Inventory Tutorial

By Robert


Inventory can be adjusted via an excel file sheet. All the products or ingredients that have barcodes or SKUs must have them assigned to them before continuing. The barcode or SKU is how the system will identify the item in the excel sheet to the cloud server in order to make adjustments.

Note: You'll need to contact us to enable inventory synchronization before you can take inventory from an iPad POS.

Export/Generate the Inventory Excel Sheet
Each "Action" found within the Inventory or Ingredient tab is the editable field for the excel file sheet. To learn more about each action, click here. If no fields are selected, the excel file can be reporting purposes.

  1. Log into Revel Management Console
  2. Select the "Inventory" icon
  3. Select either Products or Ingredient depending on which to adjust
  4. Select "Import/Export" at upper right side
  5. Choose the specific product class, primary vendor, or individual product to include in the excel sheet. By default, "—Product Class –" option selects all products
  6. Select the fields to adjust
  7. Hit "Export Inventory" to generate the excel file with the selected columns

Adjusting Inventory Excel Sheet
Once the export file sheet has been successfully created, it can be adjusted to make the necessary changes. By default, the excel sheet will lock all the "read-only" cells. Only columns that can be adjusted are the ones that were selected in the boxes in the above step. This message or variation of this message may show up when trying to adjust a "read-only" cell.

Note: Making adjustments to "read-only" cells may cause the import to fail.
In the above example, the excel file sheet generated will have the "receive" columns. This means, instead of manually adjusting the "receive" in the Management Console for each product, it can be all done via the excel file sheet.

In this example, input the value of the receive quantity, the unit type, cost per unit, and the remarks. These fields are exactly the same as the window if done manually via the Inventory tab.

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