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Tax Inclusive Initial Setup & Settings

Assigning Tax-Included Products

Revel iPad POS Example

In 1525, Revel supports tax-included products within a tax-excluded menu. This means the price of the product will include the tax within its' price as oppose to tax being added onto the price.

For example, there is a tax of 10%, and the price inputted for the tax-included product is $6.00. The actual price of the product would be $5.45 + .55 tax to equate to $6.00

(Product Price) + (10% tax of product price) = $6.00

Product Price = $6.00 / 1.10

Product Price = $5.45

Tax = $.55

Tax Inclusive Initial Setup & Settings
 By default, tax inclusive feature is disabled. It must be enabled and there are additional settings also. All settings for Tax Included are in the Management Console under Settings -> Advanced POS Settings.

  • Support tax included product: Check on to enable tax-included products. To learn how to assign which product will be tax-included, see next section.
  • Item sold with tax excluded: This setting is revealed when "support tax included product" is enabled. When a product that is tax-excluded is added to the order, all tax-included products in the same order will become tax-excluded.
  • Limit by revenue center: Set only certain Revel stations (aka Revenue Center) to be able to ring up tax-included products. If other stations ring in a tax-included product, it will ring it tax-excluded. For example, drinks rung up at the Bar POS will be tax-included while drinks rung up at the Restaurant POS will be tax-excluded.
  • Revenue center: Choose the revenue centers (group of POS stations) that are allowed to ring in tax-included products. To learn to set up revenue center, click here.

Assigning Tax-Included Products
Once the setting has been enabled, the desired products must be set to be "tax included".

  1. Log into Revel Management Console
  2. Select the Products Tab -> Products
  3. Navigate to desired product
  4. Enter the product's details by selecting the "pencil" button 
  5. Ensure "Tax options" are checked on the left
  6. On the right, scroll down and check on "Tax included" 
  7. Hit Save at the top right

Revel iPad POS Example
When a tax-inclusive product is rung up, it will appear on the receipt with an "*" next to its name.

When the receipt includes tax-inclusive and tax-exclusive products, the receipt will display the tax collected from the tax-exclusive products at the top and the total of tax-inclusive and tax-exclusive will be displayed at the bottom.

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