Existing Shopify Users Integration with Revel Matrix Inventory

By RS Radojevic Vlastimir | Updated


This explanation in most cases is for those clients who have Shopify account enabled and have been working with it before using Revel POS.


It get’s a little bit confusing because on both systems, products/items with attributes like Size and Color, are created differently.


In Shopify, the created items have the option of “Variants” , that is the same feature as Revel’s Matrix Inventory.


Difference is that in Shopify you only create one item with variants, and in Revel you create multiple items depending on the Attribute Values that it has.


Since in Shopify, each of the possible Variants, can have a Price, SKU and a Barcode, SKU’s must be populated and in Revel each product/item needs to be the same name and associated with the same SKU value like in the Shopify before integration. That way the items from Revel will not duplicate on Shopify website.



The full guide and procedure for integrating with Shopify, you can find here.

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