Payment Reconciliation and QuickBooks

By Amelia Dwyer | Updated


For Customers who use Intuit Payments in tandem with the Revel QuickBooks integration; Revel is proud to offer Payment Reconciliation as an optional feature. This feature only effects behavior of payments passed into QuickBooks. This feature can be turned on by selecting the Payment Reconciliation Module. 

To Make this change while using QBO please navigate in Revel to:

Settings>QuickBooks>QuickBooks Online.


To Enable this setting in QuickBooks Desktop: Navigate to the QBPOS Sync application and select the Gear. This will open a settings window.  The corresponding toggle switch can then be turned to 'ON' 


Payment Reconciliation: On Payment Reconciliation: Off

- Each Credit card payment is passed to QuickBooks separately. 

- Credit Card transactions will automatically match against the credit card batch for each day.

- Individual Payments for Checks (1/check)

- Lump sum payments for Cash 

- Custom Payments show as 'other' 

- 1 Credit Card Transaction synced per payment type (Amex/Visa/Mastercard) 

- Individual Payments for Checks (1/check) 

- Lump sum payments for Cash

- Custom Payments show as 'other' 


As mentioned above, turning on Payment Reconciliation is only recommended  for Revel clients who use Intuit Payments as their payment processor; as well as the Revel Quick Books integration. 

For further assistance please contact QuickBooks Online at:

1(800) 914-2688 DNIS:68225

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