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Please make sure that a POS Sales Tax has been created in QBO and mapped correctly with Revel.

Please Note: At this point, Revel can only push data to one tax rate in QBO so please confirm that Revel is mapped to the correct Tax Rate in QBO.

Please follow this guide to setting up tax in QBO;

To ensure this tax rate is mapped correctly between Revel and QBO, login to Revel URL. Go to Settings > QuickBooks > Setup QuickBooks Online. Select Advanced and scroll down to Sales Tax and select the Tax rate you would like to integrate with (the one previously setup in QBO Eg. POS Sales Tax).

Revel and QBO can only integrate with one tax rate.

Revel will send daily sales to QBO as an Invoice and Sales will come over as a line item named Taxable Sales. Tax for these sales is calculated in Revel and also pushed to QBO as a line item. This tax line item can only attach to one tax rate in QBO which will be the Tax Rate selected in the mapping on the Revel URL. 

NonTaxable Sales will also be pushed from Revel to QBO as a line item in the Sales Summary invoice for the day. These will be the items that are attached to the Untaxed group in Revel.

If customers have more that one tax rate, they should be setup in Revel. Revel also advises that taxes should be reported through Revel rather than through QBO at this time if more than one tax rate is being used. If this is the case, please make sure that taxes are setup in Revel correctly.

To setup taxes in Revel please see;

For further information on Tax Reporting in Revel please read;


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