Bulk Inventory Transfer & Ingredient to Product Transfer

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Getting Started

How to Transfer

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Within the Inventory tab, there is an ability to easily transfer over inventory from one establishment to another in bulk. This is useful for clients who run a warehouse establishment with multiple main establishments, however it can be used for any clients with multiple establishments. 

It is also possible to transfer over the ingredients associated with a product to a new establishment. This can be incredibly useful for establishments who wishes to prep products using ingredients, and have them become the "full" product. There is more information below.

The other way to transfer inventory can be done via the Inventory -> Products tab, click here for instructions.

Getting Started
Before inventory can be moved across establishments, products between the establishments must share the same barcodes or SKUs. Also, the source establishment must have a positive quantity inventory to be able to transfer.
The Transfer tab is located under Inventory tab -> Transfer.

How to Transfer
Name/SKU/Barcode name of the product, its SKU, Barcode and BIN.
Current Inventory – current inventory in stock.
Unit – transfer measure of stock units.
Source – establishment to transfer from.
Destination – establishment to transfer to.
Quantity – how many of stock units will be transferred.

  1. Enter the Transfer screen under Inventory -> Transfer
  2. Type in the name, barcode, SKU, or BIN in the search field below. Select the product from the drop down menu. If there are ingredients associated with the product, the column for "Ingredients" will display "Yes".
  3. Once added, select the Destination (a list of potential establishment will appear. If it is blank, there's no associated product in the other establishment).
    1. If there are multiple unit types, select the unit type to transfer (i.e transfer 12 bottles or 1 case).
  4. Enter in the quantity to transfer.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 until all desired products are entered.
  6. The amounts subtracted will display under Source while amounts added will be displayed under Destination. 
  7. Select "Transfer" at the bottom to complete the transfer.

Additional Options
Adjust cost: The target establishment's cost per unit will be updated based on cost from source establishment. For example:

  • Target Establishment: 10 inventory, $5 per unit = $50 total cost
  • Source: Transfer 10 inventory, $10 per unit = $100 total cost
  • After Transfer: 20 inventory, $7.50 per unit = $150 total cost

If unchecked, the cost in target establishment will remain $5 per unit however the total will be updated to (20 units X $5) = $100.

Ing. To Prod Transfer: This will transfer the ingredients associated with the inputted product from the source establishment to the desired product to the target establishment. For example, the flour, water, dough is subtracted from the source and 1 loaf of bread is added to target. The product will remain unaffected within the source establishment.

The product from the source establishment has to have a matching ingredient as the target establishment.


Export / Import

There is also ability to add products into the Transfer list via the Excel sheet. Or export all the products currently on the Transfer list into an editable Excel sheet. Click “Import/Export” at the top right to generate the sheet.



All instances of transfer in's and/or transfers out's will be logged into the Product Inventory Log or the Ingredient Inventory Log.

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