Bulk Inventory Transfer & Ingredient to Product Transfer

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Within the Inventory section, you can transfer inventory from one establishment to another. This is useful for clients who run a warehouse establishment with multiple main establishments, but any client with multiple establishments can benefit from this feature.

You can also transfer ingredients associated with a product to a new establishment. This helps establishments that want to prep products using ingredients at the new establishment.

NOTE: Before moving inventory, products or ingredients must share the same barcode or SKU in both establishments. The establishment sending the products or ingredients must also have a positive quantity inventory of the products to transfer.

Transferring Individual Products or Ingredients

  1. To transfer a product, navigate to Inventory > Products. To transfer an ingredient, navigate to Inventory > Ingredients.
  2. Click the More Options button.
  3. Select Transfer.
  4. In the Transfer Inventory box, select the destination establishment from the dropdown menu. Enter the quantity to transfer. Include any additional remarks if needed:

  5. Click Transfer.

Bulk Transferring Products or Ingredients

  1. From the Management Console, navigate to Inventory > Transfer.
  2. In the search box, enter the name, barcode, or SKU of the product or ingredient:

  3. Select the destination establishment. Enter the quantity to transfer. If transferring an ingredient, you may convert that ingredient to a product in the destination establishment. You may also adjust the product's cost in the destination establishment by checking the Adjust Cost box. After adding the information for your product or ingredient, click Add:

  4. Repeat these steps to add more products or ingredients.
  5. When you have finished adding products or ingredients, click Save.
  6. Review your transfer. Edit any information about your ingredients. If you want to save your transfer to edit and finalize later, click Save. Otherwise, click Finalize to initialize your transfer:

  7. Enter your email address in the Email transfer details to box and click Yes:

Importing Products and Ingredients to Transfer

  1. From the Management Console, navigate to Inventory > Transfer > Import/Export.
  2. Click Download template and save the file to your computer:

  3. Open the download template and enter the following information for each product or ingredient:
    • Ingredient to Product: Enter Yes if the ingredient in the source establishment will be converted to a product in the destination establishment. Otherwise enter No.
    • Update Cost: Enter Yes to update the cost based on the cost in the source establishment. Otherwise enter No.
    • Source Establishment ID: The source establishment ID, located in the list of establishments.
    • Destination Establishment ID: The destination establishment ID, located in the list of establishments.
    • Barcode: The product or ingredient barcode.
    • SKU: The product or ingredient SKU.
    • Quantity: The quantity to transfer.
    • Unit: The inventory unit.
    • Is Ingredient: Enter Yes if the item is an ingredient. Otherwise enter No.
  4. Save your file as an Excel spreadsheet.
  5. From the Management Console, navigate to Inventory > Transfer > Import/Export.
  6. Click Choose file and select the Excel spreadsheet you previously edited. Then click Import. You will receive an email when the import is complete:

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